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Category: Natural remedies

New Concierge Health & Wellness Service

Concierge Health & Wellness Service Ever wished you had access to a natural health doctor outside of a regular appointment? Someone of whom you could guiltlessly ask your health questions about anything from adapting recipes for special diets, to cold and flu remedies, to advice for insomnia or ADHD, without paying all the fees for a private appointment? Then Elizabeth’s […]

Natural Anti-inflammatory Remedies

Patient question: Is there an anti-inflammatory you recommend for skiers knees? I have osteoarthritis. I have only been taking Target Tylenol and Imitrex for pain. ~Lorie A., Denver, CO Have you tried turmeric milk? It is an amazingly potent anti-inflammatory. Start with high quality turmeric (I buy it and black peppercorns at the Savory Spice Shop), and use […]

What You Might Experience During an Herbal Parasite Cleanse

If you have a parasitic infection and you don’t address the parasites directly, there is only so much better you will ever get because the parasites will still be there doing their thing and causing you to have unpleasant symptoms no matter what other therapies you attempt. What are some of the symptoms that you […]

My Thoughts on Vaccine Risks

I received a request from a reporter asking me for my thoughts on vaccinating children. It was a personal request as she has a two-month old daughter and is facing the issue. While I feel comfortable sharing my personal thoughts on vaccines, I want to be sure that it is clear that this is my […]

Homemade Toothpaste Recipe

Commercial toothpastes contain everything from food dyes (should toothpaste really be putting blue color on your teeth?), artificial sweeteners (Aspartame in your toothpaste!), and  suspicious chemicals with long names. Salicylates are found in most toothpastes, and even fluoride can be a problem for sensitive people. Not to mention the non-recylable, chemical-leaching plastic tube it comes in. […]