What You Might Experience During an Herbal Parasite Cleanse

burrowing worms-002
Parasites can burrow through human tissues just like worms burrow through dirt.

If you have a parasitic infection and you don’t address the parasites directly, there is only so much better you will ever get because the parasites will still be there doing their thing and causing you to have unpleasant symptoms no matter what other therapies you attempt.

What are some of the symptoms that you might have parasites?

  • Frequent spells of diarrhea alternating with constipation.
  • Unexplained fatigue.
  • Random fainting spells.
  • Acid reflux/bloating/excessive gas.
  • Stomach pain, either episodic or fairly constant.
  • Brain fog.
  • And more…

Parasitic infection often begins with an acute stage and then settles into a chronic phase that can last for decades. This acute stage may look like what some may term “Monteczuma’s revenge,” or “traveller’s stomach,” or even “a stomach bug.” I’m amazed at how many people I work with who have auto-immune issues who started off their downward health spiral with a bout of g.i. distress. Even if it was years before the specific disease symptoms emerged.

When the human body senses the presence of a foreign invader it initiates an immune response consisting of inflammation and an increase in body temperature. This works very well on viruses but not at all against parasites. So you end up with chronic, unexplained inflammation that causes other  problems in the body.

Even grosser, parasites burrow through human tissues just like worms in a dirt farm. They go through organs and tissues and make their own pathways, leaving the host literally perforated. Perforation + inflammation = leaky gut. And it will continue until the parasites are addressed directly.

This month I put myself, my husband, and my 11-year old son on an herbal parasite cleanse. My husband will be completing his third cleanse cycle since 2008, when this same herbal regimen finally gave him relief from a tenacious parasitic infestation that he had been battling since we travelled through Asia in 1998.

Most recently, he was laid up for a night and an entire day while we were on vacation in Escondido, California earlier this spring with “food poisoning” that caused him to explosively purge out both ends for about 4 hours during one long night, and his bowels hadn’t really been right since. It could have been from rotted food, or it could have been from food contaminated with bacteria or parasites. Just in case, a parasite cleanse was in order.

This is my son’s first cleanse and marks a big milestone as he has finally learned how to swallow capsules, a big deal since some days of the cleanse require ingesting 10 or more capsules.

As for me, the last time I did the 18-day parasite regimen — and it really is a regimen more than a cleanse– was in 2008. I, too had been experiencing an increase in diarrhea since our recent California trip, and additionally I had seen an unexplained weight gain of about 8 lbs. over the last 6 months or so as well, even though my diet and exercise routines haven’t changed.

It has been a good experience to remind myself how to counsel my clients when advising them to address their own parasites with this cleanse. Here are some of what we’ve noticed:

  • Within the first few days, we all noticed that our poop was solidifying. In fact, two of us experienced minor constipation for a few days during that first week. We addressed this with Buddy Bears Gentle Lax.
  • After four days, my son said his head felt “lighter.”
  • After 9 days, my son announced that he now “enjoyed” pooping.
  • On day 10, I noticed that my energy level in my regular Jazzercise workout had increased. My kicks were higher, my knee lifts stronger, and my squats easier.
  • By day 14 I realized that I had been sleeping more soundly than before. Whereas I usually woke every hour or so during the night to eyeball the clock, now I was sleeping deeply and soundly straight through until 6:30 am.
  • Some of my clients have reported vivid dreams while on the cleanse, but we did not have that experience.
  • Some people have reported mild indigestion during the first week, but we did not experience that.
  • The most onerous part was remembering to take the herbs several times each day, but that was hardest during the first few days. After that, it became more routine.

Whether or not we did indeed have parasites, we all feel relieved knowing that we’ve addressed all three life stages of parasites: eggs  larvae, and adults.

When I take clients through an herbal parasite cleanse, it includes email access to me, an expert, for answers to questions as well as follow-up counseling to gauge the effectiveness of the cleanse and any residual symptoms. Many, if not most, people recover more quickly by following a customized anti-inflammatory diet after ridding themselves of parasites. Many also benefit from using plant-based digestive enzymes as well, at least during the gut healing period.


  1. Crystal P at |

    I gained approx 10-15 lbs during a parasite cleanse last year and haven’t been able to lose it. I couldn’t possibly eat any cleaner and I exercise. What gives??

  2. Dr K Noelle at |

    Great info here. These issues are largely unaddressed by modern Western medicine as parasitic diseases are still considered to be a third-world problem. Thus, holistic practitioners or MDs out of there practice area (chiropractors, etc) have started side businesses and charge excessive $$ to people who are suffering and can’t find help from MDs. Blood tests are often inconclusive because they must be read analytically and may be misinterpreted. Even “specialists” in infectious disease “don’t have training” as one at a prominent Los Angeles facility shared with me. Your post offers hope to everyday people, since an estimated 85% of the US population has some form of parasitic disease. Kudos for your efforts and willingness to share your story. Functional medicine is the way of the ancients, and of the future, instead of our historically flawed practice of addressing symptoms instead of the source—often with a proper diagnoses only as a post-mortem notation!
    KNoelle, Psy.D.

    1. Dr KNoelle at |

      Typo—“their practice” not “there practice”

  3. Andrea Bankes at |

    Dear Elizabeth, I live in the UK with my family. We have ben travelling to the Caribbean for 10 years, the children were 2 and 5 years old when we first went. My children started with a reflux and then came intermittent diarhorea,constipation, body aches, rashes, intolerance to light, feeling if they eat they immediately feel tired, terrible foul wind, burping, headaches, dizziness, pain in stomach. Daughter actually vomiting every 59 days, whereas son experienced ‘excessive dribbling and feeling of immanent vomit’. Here we are 7 years on from the first symptoms and my son tells me he has been suffering for half of his life and he’s quite right. My son is on a major growth spurt now aged 15 years but he, for the past 8 months has also been experiencing fainting/blackouts due to low blood pressure. Both children have pallor-even after a holiday in the sunshine. I had taken my children for tests and a gastroscopy via a major paediatric clinic in London and they found what had looked liked gastritis evidence. My son has fat globules found in his stools. In desperation, I did stool tests via a vial testube means using a US Lab and very sensitive results came back. Both children had cyclospora found and this fits with the carribbean. The consultant treated my daughter with Co-Trixamozole and I supported her gut whilst on them for 10 days with a probiotic specific for while on antibiotics. My daughter’s symptoms 6 months on have all but gone!!! She is no longer vomiting and her eating has improved. The consultant was not convinced with my son’s stool tests, having second thoughts ,so sadly I am still trying to have him do stool tests via our GP to find cyclospora via the acid stain testing specific to this pathogen. My son has had 4 fainting episodes since April this year. He has also had glandular fever diagnosed, but in August. The first fainting episode started in April, so I know the continued fainting and intermittant diarhorea/constipation and brain fog that remains is part of the pathogen related illness. Can you help me here in the UK with a parasite cleanse in liquid form to erradicate the pathogens and possible parasites from my children’s bodies? Do you know anyone in the UK who might help treat them with the same cleanse if you are unable to help? Look forward to hearing.

  4. Kelly Edwards at |

    2e need your help fast. We have parasites burrowing in our skin and i think organs. Mw and my bf have been having them in our fingers feet face neck and even in our poop. Please help!

  5. Katie Johnson at |

    Elizabeth, I would really like to put my daughter (6yrs old) on the parasite cleanse. We have just been through 3 weeks of sickness (fever, stomach ache, diarreha which we think is cyclospora. I have it too and would like to do the cleanse.
    My daughter does not yet know how to swallow pills. On a previous post, you had said it was possible to get the herbs in liquid form. Is this still the case?


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