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Natural Anti-inflammatory Remedies

Patient question: Is there an anti-inflammatory you recommend for skiers knees? I have osteoarthritis. I have only been taking Target Tylenol and Imitrex for pain. ~Lorie A., Denver, CO

Have you tried turmeric milk? It is an amazingly potent anti-inflammatory. Start with high quality turmeric (I buy it and black peppercorns at the Savory Spice Shop), and use your safe milk substitute. Here is the recipe for turmeric milk.

Don’t use this as a prophylactic or an everyday supplement, but definitely use it when the knee is acting up and painful. You can do it several days in a row if needed.

Homeopathic arnica, taken internally as pellets dissolved in clean water, can help reduce inflammation as well as heal from bruises, sprains, or overuse after activity.

Natural Topical Remedies for Inflammation

Hot Spice & Ice
An effective muscle rub without petrochemicals.

In terms of topical remedies, I like the Weleda Arnica massage oil as a great topical pain reliever. Shake the bottle a few times to activate the remedy with kinetic (movement) energy before rubbing it on the affected area. You can alternate it with a magnesium gel or oil applied topically. Most people are magnesium-deficient and will find some relief by absorbing magnesium directly through the skin.

I also like Hot Spice and Ice, which is like an Icy-Hot-type product, but without petrochemicals. It contains capsicum (to generate warmth and increase circulation) in combination with Arnica and Cajeput (to reduce inflammation). Wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus are added to reduce pain.

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