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Category: Misc.

GMO A-go-go

In case we’ve become complacent about GMOs in our food supply, here’s a cute, satirical cartoon to remind us just what GMOs are all about.

Girl Scout Cookies… Curse Them!

Like anyone else who grew up in America, I’ve looked forward to and enjoyed the annual appearance of Girl Scout Cookies. Heck, I even sold a bunch of boxes when I donned that green sash myself in elementary school. But, now that I am a label-reader, these cookies break my heart for what’s in them. […]

Why You Should Close the Lid When You Flush…

…because fecal matter and vomit can become aerosolized and molecules, including those carrying virus cells from flu or norovirus (better known as the winter vomiting bug), and these airborne cells can be breathed in or land in food or drink, contaminating a new person. Airborne fecal or vomit cells are a known viral transmission method. […]

A New Year… 2013

I’ve never been a fan of “New Year’s Resolutions” as a concept. Well, let me clarify: I don’t have a problem with other people making new year’s resolutions; I just don’t make a practice of making my own. As I told my kids when they asked yesterday if I had made any resolutions, my resolutions […]

Food Marketing Lies: HFCS was not around in 1835

I’ve written before about deceptive food marketing buzzwords such as “lite” and “sugar-free” that should strike fear into the heart of any healthy eater, but outright lies on the labels of products really grate on me as well. This time my beef is with Lea & Perrins “The Original Worcestershire Sauce.” In my youthful memories […]