1. Andrew at |

    My understanding is that MS is a result of a parasite that causes a virus to eat away at your myelin sheath near the base of your brain. Once the cord is exposed it shorts out causing nerve pain and slow decay. The brain senses injury and causes swelling, but the body can’t heal when swelling is present. The disease continues as the cord deteriorates slowly causing paralysis then death.
    If you can stop the swelling the sheath will slowly heal. Many MS patients use ivermectin for its anti inflammatory properties, one that will pass through the blood brain barrier. It will also kill off the parasites that are the root cause of the problem. You need good nutrition and an alkaline base gut. The juice of one fresh squeezed lemon in warm water with a tea spoon of raw honey every morning before eating or drinking will.do this and give your brain the pure natural glucose it need to fire up.

  2. Angel Bailey at |

    I was DX with MS in 12/21! It’s my understanding that my immune systems B-cells are responsible for attacking the myelin in my brain and spine. You say T-cells. Is there something I’m missing?

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  6. ms. sandra j. ferrell at |

    I want more info from you…will you help me?

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