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Category: Kids

Kick a Cold — Herbal remedies

To continue with my Kick a Cold series, I want to share some of the array of herbal remedies lined up on my counter as I battle my 3-year-old’s unpleasant cough. After visiting her classroom this week, there’s no question as to where she picked up this one. As someone with an auto-immune disorder (multiple […]

Kick a Cold — Homeopathics

I’m back! After a computer meltdown and then a 3-day event across the country, it has been a while since I’ve been able to post. Thanks for sticking with me! Back to talking about strategies to beat viruses, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a healing tradition based on […]

Kick a Cold — Kids sinus rinse

My 4-year old woke up snuffy and with a dry cough this morning. “Mommy,” he asked, “can I have some nose medicine?” First, I’m so proud of him for asking for a remedy that he doesn’t enjoy at all but obviously knows that a small amount of discomfort will ease his suffering tremendously. Now that’s […]

Fun with Falafel

In much of Israel, falafel stands are as common as hot dog stands in New York City, except that instead of a pushcart the vendors stand next to a vat of boiling oil. It’s one of my favorite street foods from all my travels. Luckily, they are extremely easy to make and tasty to eat. […]

Got Milk?

Earlier this week, the Breast Cancer Fund released an overview of current research on the causes of early puberty — a phenomenon affecting American girls. While the report listed a number of potential influences, including everything from obesity and inactivity to family stress, accidental exposure to toxic chemicals and t.v.-watching (?!), it barely brushed on […]