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Kick a Cold — Homeopathics

I’m back! After a computer meltdown and then a 3-day event across the country, it has been a while since I’ve been able to post. Thanks for sticking with me!

Back to talking about strategies to beat viruses, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a healing tradition based on using minute amounts of a like substance to help the body regain a healthy equilibrium. You can usually find homeopathic remedies at any health food grocer. Where I live, Vitamin Cottage has the best homeopathic selection. You don’t need a prescription and the remedies are usually very inexpensive.

A well-trained homeopath will diagnose and treat maladies based on everything from physical symptoms (runny nose, dry cough, etc.) to personality characteristics (bossy, avoids confrontation, etc.) to habits (sensitive to drafts, early riser, etc.). The initial consultation often takes 3 hours or more and gives the homeopath a window into you as a whole person.

A homopathic hack like myself can successfully use homeopathic remedies to treat specific symptoms. It can be effective even though this is a less holistic approach.

When taking homeopathic remedies, don’t eat or drink for 15 minutes before or afterward, and dissolve the tablets underneath your tongue for sub-lingual absorption. Homeopathic remedies will not interact with other medications and are safe to use when pregnant, nursing, or with infants and children. Take a dose and then wait to see if the symptoms subside. If not, then repeat the dose after 4 hours or so.

Let me tell you about a few of the homeopathic remedies in my arsenal.

AconiteAconite 3-4 tablets at the first sign of a cold can do wonders. Good for colds with sudden onset.

ColdCalmColdcalm A combination of 9 remedies in each tablet, this is great for immediate symptom relief of sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, or sore throat. Last night my daughter awoke with a croupy cough and a Coldcalm tablet plus a warm humidifier calmed the coughing and helped her return to sleep.

EuphorbiumHeel Euphorbium Sinus Relief (now called Sinusin) A nasal spray that gives immediate relief to stuffy or runny noses. Great for babies as it clears the nose and allows them to suck a bottle or nurse comfortably. I keep one for each family member (it’s best not to share nasal spray bottles!) and generally use it after a sinus rinse. During a bad cold I carry it around with me and spray as needed. Sometimes an immediate second application is called for if the first one didn’t give any nasal relief.

Although you can’t overdose on homeopathic remedies, it is best to only repeat a dose if symptoms persist.

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