1. Denver Dietz at |

    Stop, just please stop. The digestive tract contains everything necessary to control, suppress and promote overall well being. It is in fact likely the most important aspect of overall health and should never be “cleansed”. If you eat healthy, don’t flood your body with a bunch of junk and “natural remedies”, your gut biome will clear out any parasites, harmful bacteria and any other foreign substances. In the extreme case your body can’t do so, seek professional medical help. This is all psuedo science bs to sell crap people don’t need that is in fact making people more unhealthy than not. Eat clean, stay active and don’t consume anything that doesn’t directly promote natural health and well-being (ie vitamins, minerals and heavy metals not obtained through your diet). It really is that simple folks, stop wasting your money on this and all other related nonsense.

  2. Audra at |

    Did you just do the 17 days on the Hulda Clark cleanse with the maintenance rounds or did you lay off a week and do it again? I read a lot of conflicting info. They say go through initial cleanse and theen lay off a week then do it again for some number of rounds.

  3. CT Mom with Tummy Trouble at |

    Has anyone used this for dentamoeba fragilis? I am on flagyl (round 3 in 3 months) and feeling super lousy from it and not feeling like the problem is over. I am ready to try anything less toxic, would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this cleanse.

  4. Carol Sonnenberg at |

    Has anyone used this cleanse who has MS?

  5. http://www.periglobal.org/user/5254 at |

    Very good post. I’m experiencing a few of these issues as

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  9. Rachel at |

    Is there a way to confirm that you have parasites? Do you suggest everyone go through a parasite cleanse indeterminate of whether or not parasites have been confirmed?

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