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A Parasite Cleanse Brings Better Health, Better Attitude

Last July I put myself, my husband, and my stepfather on a parasite cleanse. We all needed it. And now, 6 months later, we are feeling the positive results of living parasite-free.

My parasite history spans most of my life, starting with several bouts of giardia over the twelve summers I spent camping in the Rockies. Then there was that 48-hour train ride from Budapest to Istanbul during college, where we ran out of water bottles and had to do an emergency refill at a public fountain in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ooohhh.. I paid for that little mistake for the next decade until the vicious buggers I picked up in China and Tibet laid me too low to ignore and sent me running for the anti-parasitic medication Flagyl when the horrifying lab results came back.

See, with many intestinal parasites, you can go through an acute stage of violent illness which then mellows into a chronic condition where you live at a level of reduced vitality but come to believe that this is just the way life is. You might feel sluggish and tired a lot during this chronic stage. You might experience random bouts of loose bowels or even vomiting and fainting. Irritability and restlessness can be symptoms. You might see many other symptoms.You might not.

My man suffered from the same Asian critters I did, dropped down to 130 lbs. during the initial acute stage and looked positively skeletal (he’s 5’10’). Over the years he went on several rounds of Flagyl as the bugs would reappear and he would briefly revisit the acute stage. When last spring rolled around, I was convinced he still had parasites.

The thing about Flagyl is that it is absolutely toxic and kills off a lot more in your body than just the parasites. I feel seriously poisoned every time I take it. It takes a long time to recover from both the parasites and the remedy. I really didn’t want to put his body through it again, particularly since it hadn’t worked completely the last 3 or 4 times he’s taken it. Maybe his bugs were Flagyl-resistant?

My stepfather had the most recent case of parasites among us, picked up, I suspected, on a trip to Mexico last spring where he became violently ill. Afterward, he seemed tired a lot and looked worn, as if he hadn’t fully recovered.

We all picked up our parasites traveling but most people are probably hosting some parasites picked up right at home from food, water, kitty litter, animals, dirt, or elsewhere.

Dr. Hulda Clarks parasite cleanse
Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse kit

After conferring with others in the natural health field, I put us all on Dr. Hulda Clark’s Parasite Cleanse protocol of Black Walnut Hulls, Wormwood, and Cloves. Here’s her explanation as to why you need all three herbs:

Black walnut hull and wormwood kill adults and developmental stages of at least 100 parasites. Cloves kill the eggs. Only if you use them together will you rid yourself of parasites. If you kill only the adults, the tiny stages and eggs will soon grow into new adults. If you kill only the eggs, the million stages already loose in your body will soon grow into adults and make more eggs. They must be used together as a single treatment.

It was a complicated regimen — I was grateful for Dr. Clark’s handy chart to follow to keep track of days and dosages — and took more than 2 weeks. At the end of it I was kind of disappointed because none of us felt any big changes.

Until now.

Here we are, 6 or so months later, and the three of us are all noticing changes. Little changes that add up to big changes.

My husband, who has struggled for 10 years to regain the weight he lost after we returned from Asia, has started to bulk up in the past few months. He’s feeling supercharged physically and mentally and ready to tackle some big tasks he’s been putting off for a few years. At 42, he’s back to running sub-6 minute miles on his daily run.

My stepfather’s afternoon naps are few and far between these days, where just a few months ago they were a daily habit. His good mood is evident in everything he does and says. He has worked up to walking 3 miles each day while carrying 24 lbs. of weights and has been shedding pounds and inches.

For myself, I feel remarkably emotionally stable, able to ride out the ebbs and flows of life without stressing about things I cannot change. Now, in my third year of steady workouts, I’ve seen my body tighten and sculpt more in the last few months than over the last 2 years — without changing anything in my routine.

So, the three of us have each experienced a physical rejuvenation and positive mental and emotional effects from our new state of wellbeing. We each feel physically fitter than before, more energetic and capable, and happier. We’ve even noticed increased sex drives (well, I can’t speak for my stepfather here!).

It has taken 6 months to manifest, but I’m very pleased at the results from our parasite cleanse. Dr. Clark recommends repeating the cleanse annually, and as my husband has already requested to do this, I am happy to oblige. I might even cleanse my kids — and maybe even my cat as well!

Click here to see how you can get a parasite cleanse kit and cure yourself of parasites, too.

13 Comments on “A Parasite Cleanse Brings Better Health, Better Attitude

  1. Stop, just please stop. The digestive tract contains everything necessary to control, suppress and promote overall well being. It is in fact likely the most important aspect of overall health and should never be “cleansed”. If you eat healthy, don’t flood your body with a bunch of junk and “natural remedies”, your gut biome will clear out any parasites, harmful bacteria and any other foreign substances. In the extreme case your body can’t do so, seek professional medical help. This is all psuedo science bs to sell crap people don’t need that is in fact making people more unhealthy than not. Eat clean, stay active and don’t consume anything that doesn’t directly promote natural health and well-being (ie vitamins, minerals and heavy metals not obtained through your diet). It really is that simple folks, stop wasting your money on this and all other related nonsense.

    1. Thanks for your contribution, however I would posit that since the definition of a parasite is to live within a host, there is nothing intrinsically inside us (microbiome, white blood cells, etc.) that can dislodge a population of parasites. Hidden parasitic infection can cause chronic inflammation and even lead to autoimmunity, not to mention make you feel crappy all the time. It’s good to know how to evict the buggers should we want to feel better.

  2. Did you just do the 17 days on the Hulda Clark cleanse with the maintenance rounds or did you lay off a week and do it again? I read a lot of conflicting info. They say go through initial cleanse and theen lay off a week then do it again for some number of rounds.

  3. Has anyone used this for dentamoeba fragilis? I am on flagyl (round 3 in 3 months) and feeling super lousy from it and not feeling like the problem is over. I am ready to try anything less toxic, would appreciate hearing from anyone who has used this cleanse.

  4. Is there a way to confirm that you have parasites? Do you suggest everyone go through a parasite cleanse indeterminate of whether or not parasites have been confirmed?

    1. Parasite testing is notorious for false negatives, so no, I never wait for confirmation of parasites. I usually suggest a parasite cleanse based on the client’s history of symptoms. Since parasite symptoms may manifest in so many different ways, some of what I’m looking for becomes intuitive. I know that’s not helpful. I would say 80-90% of my clients start off with a parasite cleanse, though not 100%. Because the herbal cleanse I use is so mild and gentle, I feel comfortable recommending it to most people as a starting point.

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