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Glorious One-Pot Meals



Thank you for choosing nutrition counseling, services, and products from Pomegranate Consulting, LLC, and Glorious One-Pot Meals.

See below for more information on:

Nutritional Consulting
Food sensitivity testing
General digestive enzymes
Parasite cleanse
Micronutrient testing
Homeopathic remedies
Bach Flower remedies
Glorious One-Pot Meals cookbook

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Nutritional Consulting. Perfect for those simply looking to improve their own or their family's diet and health. Your personalized program is based on an extensive health history and may include probiotics, herbal remedies, or specific food products as well as menu planning, meal and snack ideas, and custom-designed recipes. Includes 3-5 telephone sessions* over 3-5 months.


LEAP/MRT Package. One Mediator Release Test Collection kit including postage-paid FedEx mailer to send blood sample to lab in Florida. Accompanied by 3 - 5 telephone or email sessions* over 3-4 months of Lifestyle Eating And Performance (LEAP) ImmunoCalm Dietary Management Program to ensure successful outcomes. ** Read more...

Choose your preferred schedule to pay for the LEAP/MRT Package:
One-time charge of $795 Add to cart
Initial payment of $400 followed by two monthly installments of $200 Add to cart


Enzyme Urinalysis. One 24-hour collection container and one Urinanalysis test kit. Includes 2-3 telephone calls to customize and fine-tune formulas and dosages. Includes prepaid mailer for overnight shipping of urine sample to lab and analysis at two laboratories to tailor supplements to your needs. Does not include cost of enzymes or other supplements. Read more...
$245 Add to cart

Add Enzyme Urinalysis to Nutritional Consulting or a LEAP/MRT Package.
$205 Add to cart


100% Plant-Based Digestive Enzymes. For general digestive support and help digesting proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. 90 capsules. Read more...
$39 Add to cart


Herbal Parasite Cleanse. One set of herbs to complete an 18-day parasite cleanse, instructions, and dosage chart. Includes 2 telephone calls* or email support to assess suitability and gauge effectiveness of the protocol. Read more...
$225 Add to cart

Add Parasite Cleanse to LEAP/MRT Package.
$175 Add to cart


Micronutrient Testing. SpecraCell's Micronutrient Testing assesses intracellular nutritional requirements using white blood cells. Does not include cost of any recommended supplements. Includes 2 telephone calls * or email support to assess supplement effectiveness.**

Add Micronutrient Testing to LEAP/MRT package or Nutritional Consulting.


Homeopathic Remedies. Safe and effective for children, infants, nursing mothers, and anyone else suffering from discomfort from a triggered inflammatory episode. Specify general anti-histimine remedy, painful nerves, seasonal hayfever from airborne pollen, or other condition to receive the right remedy for you. You will be contacted by email if more information is needed to provide the right remedy for your condition. Read more about how hay fever responds to this homeopathic remedy...
$48 Add to cart


Custom-blended Bach Flower Remedy. One Bach Flower Remedy custom-mixed for balancing emotional influences. Includes one telephone session.
$147 Add to cart


Glorious One-Pot Meals Cookbook. (Clarkson-Potter, 2009) One autographed copy of Elizabeth's ground-breaking cookbook introducing her unique patented cooking method for preparing delicious and nutritious meals. Learn more about Glorious One-Pot Meals...



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* All sessions are held via telephone or Skype.

** Phlebotomy services are not included.



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