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Will Glorious One-Pot Meals Work in Any Size Dutch Oven?

Reader question: Will the recipes in your cookbook work in a 6qt dutch oven? ~ Deborah P., Brooklyn, NYCast iron Dutch oven

Hi Deborah! Yes, Glorious One-Pot Meals will work in any size cast iron Dutch oven. There is a chart in the front section of the book that will help you to adjust recipes and oven timing to fit whatever size Dutch oven you have.

The most important factors in making successful Glorious One-Pot Meals are 1) to use a cast iron Dutch oven and 2) to ensure that your oven is fully pre-heated to 450 F degrees before putting the pot full of food inside.

Happy cooking!


3 Comments on “Will Glorious One-Pot Meals Work in Any Size Dutch Oven?

  1. Have made a few recipes from ur book and I’m impressed with the flavor of the food and the ease of the technique . I’m in Fort Lauderdale and hate to heat the oven up to 450* daily. Can I use my Breville countertop oven instead? Just wondered if it gets hot enough. Thanks, Roger

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