1. […] including the counts in my cookbook (I lost that fight, obviously). Not only do I believe that a whole-foods-based diet is healthier than a low-calorie diet, but I think that the whole “calories-in-vs-calories-out” philosophy of dieting is a […]

  2. Ivelisse Obannon at |

    i always monitor my calorie intake from my diet because i have a very slow metabolism and i dont want to get overweight.*,`

  3. lynette at |

    I love your cookbook, haven’t worried about the calories because it’s just protein and great veggies, a few grains.

    But are you sure about that broth statement? Most chicken broth has about 35-40 calories a cup. It doesn’t seem that would make a big difference in these recipes.

  4. Haley at |

    I really like reading your blogs. I also really agree with what you have to say! Something that I have found that helps me incorporate better food in my diet is looking at better ingredients all around. Coleman Natural Foods offers a wide variety of meat and poultry items that are all natural and great to feed your family. Check them out at Coleman Natural

  5. Emily Cotler at |

    Thanks for the reality check, Elizabeth!


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