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    One more thing- the study Ian referenced about women- I find their logic very twsietd to bias the results against Vit D. Initially they found benefit for all cause mortality. (there was no supplement, just looked at levels). But they also noticed that the low levels were associated with poor health, such as obesity and several others. Excluding those, they found no benefit from D, except borderline stastical significance for thinner waisted women (<35"- that's pretty big in my book- what about < 30?). So they go on to resign themselves to say that the IOM is correct- only bone health is important. But they could use more research $ on the subject. The problem with their logic is they do not suggest that low vitamin d may be causing the obesity, heart issues, etc. It's quite obious that the ones with low D had many health issues, but they say it was the health issue causing the death.. duh so what could be causing the health issue? It just happens? And the fact that the "thinner" waisted women with higher D just might be benefitting from the D. Why was their waist thinner??? Talk about thinking inside the box.

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