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    1. Victor at |

      My son’s school is nut free. Most are these days.One of the techaers in the school is deathly allergic to eggs. So that’s on the list of banned ingredients.A girl in his class has a severe dairy allergy. So dairy is out, too.My son is sensitive to dairy and chocolate, so we limit his exposure to those items.Luckily, I like to get creative in the kitchen and have come up with a whole list of muffins and cookies I can send in for snacktime and class parties, despite these limitations. (The school did send out an approved list of snacks, but most were processed-foods, or didn’t include the dairy allergy.)I chaperoned a class trip today. Every. Single. Kid. had something dairy-based in their lunch. Yes, the literature sent home about the trip only specified nut-free. But every other bit of info from the school this year has mentioned eggs. (The dairy is specific to his class, apparently.) I get that these are stringent limitations. But dude. These are kids’ lives. Make some effort!Rainyday recently posted..

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    1. Andressa at |

      Obviously they don’t follow the gldeon rule. No one in my family has any kind of allergy, but we go the extra mile to prevent hurting other people (no pears when my nephew visits, no nuts when our 6yo friend visits, no sending certain snacks/treats to school because it might hurt this or that classmate). It is all about thinking of and caring about other people, the way we ourselves would like to be treated. I would feel AWFUL if something I did caused harm to someone else, especially a child; and I would feel almost as awful if a person (again, especially a little kid) was literally the only one who could not enjoy something that everyone else did repeatedly being left out and deprived. Heartbreaking! Makes me even more thankful that we don’t suffer from (food) allergies, and makes me even more determined not to be the jerk that sends in something that could hurt someone’s kid. Someone above here posted that those rude parents were showing ignorance in its purest form but doesn’t ignorance = uninformed? Those folks were quite informed and not ignorant at all; they were just being unkind, selfish assholes.


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