1. […] unexpected bonus of hosting the Land of Nutrition at this year’s Walk MS events was discovering a new product from Clif Bar Energy bars: The Clif C […]

  2. Jill Shelley at |

    You did a great job…and I LOVE your hair!!

  3. jwipe at |

    Oh cool – that’s great to know! Thanks.

  4. jwipe at |

    That’s a great suggestion. If I had my way no one would eat any of those things – add in sugar and that pretty much covers the evil foods lol. Those blood tests don’t always show up a sensitivity which exists, however. Muscle testing from a knowledgeable and experienced professional is a necessity.

  5. jwipe at |

    This is great to post this info, but why not include the fact that a gluten/casein-free diet will in most cases cure MS?


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