1. Tara at |

    There is no video showing of what you are talking about as far as food being digested by Processed foods.

  2. Jack Watkins at |

    Elizabeth I was impressed with the smartpill video I have developed a way to process fruits and vegetables and retain 99.7% of the nutrient value of any fruit or vegetable giving the product a 300% concentration I am in the middle of a clinical study at this time and would like to share with you the value in promoting nutritional foods for children. I would like to incorporate the smartpill to show the effects of our product is there a way I could get intouch with Stephani Bardin Regards Jack

  3. Louise at |


    I’ve never seen anything like this before. I will forward your information to my sister-n-laws. We are always trying to exercise and eat right.

    Thank you,



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