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Turkey Enchiladas

If it seems like I’ve spent days turning leftovers from Thanksgiving into other meals, it’s because its true. Now my blog just has to catch up with my freezer! Which brings me to one of my favorite ways to put leftover turkey to good use in easy delicious heat-n-serve dinners on busy winter evenings: turkey enchiladas.

Once I have the amassed the pile of picked turkey meat, I like to set up an assembly line to quickly make the enchiladas and pack them into tins to freeze. First, the organic corn tortillas, heated enough to be flexible without breaking. A smear of refried beans, a layer of turkey meat, a spread of diced green chiles, and a spray of shredded cheese rounds out each enchilada.

Coat the bottom and sides of the pan with enchilada sauce, then nestle the rolled tortillas into the pan in a single layer. Spoon enchilada sauce over the rolls and sprinkle with cheese. Add a second layer of rolled enchiladas; top with enchilada sauce and cheese. Seal with foil and freeze. To reheat, put in a 375 f oven until thawed, then remove the foil and cook until hot and the cheese is bubbly.

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    1. Yeah, aluminum can leach into your food, which is not desirable. I used the tins as a better alternative than the BPA from plastic containers, but I’d love to find a safer type of container to use to store my frozen meal creations. Please feel free to share any suggestions!

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