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Top 10 Food Apps has compiled a top ten list of food apps. If you’re into food and health, these apps can do everything from alert you to dangerous ingredients after scanning a bar code to

  1. Fooducate: Scan the barcode and learn healthiness score.
  2. Seafood Watch: Is that seafood sustainably harvested or overfished?
  3. Wild Edibles: For those who like to gather their food from the land.
  4. What’s On My Food: Compares pesticide levels on 90 items of organic vs conventional produce.
  5. Non-GMO Project Shopping Guide: How to be sure your food is not unlabeled GMO.
  6. True Food: From the Center for Food Safety, evaluates brands for GMOs and lets you email your congressional rep about it, too.
  7. Eat Local: The NRDC created this to show local foods in season by zip code.
  8. EWG’s Dirty Dozen: Shows the fruits and vegetables most contaminated by pesticides.
  9. Eden Foods: The only food company in the USA to adopt BPA-free lining on their canned foods shares 1,000+ recipes.
  10. Harvest: Teaches you how to pick and store produce.


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