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    you can always buy cheap foods on any supermarket these days because food production is mechanized already **`

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    there are lots of cheap foods on the market that taste like crap but there are good quality ones too `

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    organic farms could actually save us from carcinogens and toxins’;.

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    When I was teaching in the public schools and saw what constitutes breakfast and lunch for the majority of the students there I came up with my saying that “Doritos and Mountain Dew do not combine to make good heart valves and brain cells”. Sadly that was the diet I saw day after day.

    I always heard the staff complaining about the short attention span of all of these “ADD” students in their classes so I approached the principal with the idea to remove the vending machines from the school. I was told that was impossible. This is about what I was told:

    Another way advertising is entering schools is through marketing contracts with beverage companies. Among the more highly publicized agreements is the IO-year, $8 million contract between Coca-Cola and Colorado Springs District II, where a top district official sent letters to administrators urging them to increase Coke sales in their schools.

    Big companies are willing to pay big bucks to promote their brands in schools. Last month Pepsi paid $5.75 million to the school system of Denver, Colorado. http://www.timeforkids.com/TFK/teachers/wr/article/0,27972,89356,00.html

    The district receives 57 percent gross commission on each sale. At the school board meeting on Thursday night, Superintendent Jerry Wartgow said that schools have come to rely on the money, and eliminating such a source of revenue would put a strain on the budget. http://www.purefood.org/school/dumppepsi.cfm

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    I don’t even know what to say about this. It’s horrible.


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