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The Danger of the Gardasil Vaccine

At a family reunion last week, a cousin asked what I thought about giving the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) to adolescents. At 10 years old, our kids are getting close to the recommended age for this shot and there’s a lot of hype. I gave her an unqualified answer: DON’T DO IT.

The risks of getting the Gardasil vaccine far outweigh any possible benefit it may or may not bring. Getting the Gardasil vaccine may be something you and your child pay for over the rest of his or her debilitated life.

If watching a pharmaceutical get fast-tracked through the FDA without adequate testing and then seeing it be widely promoted for something you didn’t realize was a widespread problem and just-about-forced on the general public isn’t enough to make you nervous, then you are living in the wrong decade. Go back to the 1940s; we should know better by now.

If you don’t have children, you may not be aware of the Gardasil vaccine, which was approved by the FDA in 2006 after the manufacturer submitted short-term results from self-funded studies. The premise starts with the high incidence rates of the highly-contagious Human Papillova Virus (HPV) infection in young, sexually-active teens and adults. HPV is also known as venereal warts and may occur internal or externally on or inside the genitals of both sexes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, “HPV is so common that nearly all sexually-active men and women will get at least one type of HPV at some point in their lives… Most HPV infections (90%) go away by themselves within two years. ” Treatment may include freezing or removing visible warts or mutations, and most treatments are successful.

So, to start, while HPV may be an epidemic, cervical cancer resulting from HPV is not. In fact, it is extremely rare. A small, very small, percentage of cervical cancers (possibly 5% or less) may develop 20-40 years after an active, untreated HPV infection.

Even better, both HPV infection and the possibility of cervical cancer from HPV 20-40 years down the road can be avoided or treated by using condoms and by having regular pap smears, practices we should be teaching our boys and girls are mandatory anyway. The best part is that neither of these interventions have the possibility of leaving someone with severe loss of function for the rest of their lives.

A powerful documentary, The Greater Good, shows the danger of vaccinations and introduces a young girl who fell ill immediately after receiving the Gardasil. I highly recommend watching it to anyone debating the merits of getting the Gardasil vaccine for your kids. Another soon-to-be-released documentary, One More Girl, will do the same. It’s meaningful to meet the cheerleader who now has to be wheeled out for homecoming just because she got a Gardasil shot.

Beyond the devastating physical repercussions of this shot is the message that you won’t have to use condoms to protect against STIs because you’ll be protected by the vaccine.

While I have a number of reasons for avoiding this vaccine at all costs, Dr. Kelly Brogan does a great job of giving all the info on cellular function and the relevant statistics for why this is not only not a good vaccine, but one that could cause permanent, lifelong neurologic damage in your unsuspecting teen. She points out that the vaccine is only designed to address a fraction of the known HPV strains anyway.

Lest you think I am against all vaccines, let me assure you that I’m not. I believe in the efficacy and safety and necessity of the polio vaccine, for example. I do not, however, subscribe to the validity of the flu shot each year and choose to opt my family out of this particular government-led push.

Personally, I would rather talk to my children frankly about sexual activity and stress condom usage at all times over injecting them with potentially harmful chemicals for no good reason that may leave them damaged for life.

5 Comments on “The Danger of the Gardasil Vaccine

  1. If you live in a border state, you would see the devastation and infestation of third world people by bringing in their diseases. California is has a record high meningitis which usually starts in schools because, of the free education offered. Because, the kids are undocumented schools usually waive the immunization records.

    Diseases as like Japanese Encephalitis, Schistosomiasis, Hepstitis, ring worm, herpes, unusual flues, measles, chicken pocks, etc are on the rise in schools because, kids aren’t immunized. It’s funny … you can enroll a kid without immunization but, you can’t bring a peanut butter sandwich to school for fear of peanut allergies.

    As for your comments at your family reunion regarding taking Gardisil. all drugs, medicines, herbal, homeopathic etc etc etc have side effects for some. Those who have been effected had allergic reactions to the Gardisil and the symptoms were overlooked by their care givers. If you child comes down with chills or a fever after taking a vitamin you should seek medical help. If you child comes down with flue like coditions after receiving Gardisil vaccine, you should seek medical attention.

    Believe it or not.. The World Health Organization and American doctors aren’t trying to kill or harm you. They’re trying to help the world. Immigration around the world has increased. Immigration around the world is like a raging river pushing it’s way to expand a small creek. As people are migrating from different regions to new regions, they’re bringing their diseases with them. In worse case.. super bugs are now upon us.

    Look to the future. Research all that you can. Don’t always believe what you read on a blog. A handful of deaths compared to millions of lives saved outweighs the mishaps of any drug.

    Find the real truth by researching vaccines yourself. Seek out the real data and not mass hysteria amongst the yoga pant wearing mommies, who drink two cups of Starbucks a day and think everyone should eat a gluten free diet.


  2. I have a question that I cannot find the answer to so maybe you can help. My daughter, 11, has had the first 2 of the 3 shots. She was due to have the 3rd in November, but I am seriously rethinking this and have delayed the 3rd shot. Have I already done the damage – am I too late? I feel awful for having put her through it, now that I know better. Thoughts?

  3. With two boys age 12 and 13, this was brought up at their physicals last month. I was considering them since I actually had HPV in my early 20’s. But, because my husband is self employed, we have an HSA for our health insurance. I found out, it would cost us over $1000 for these shots for both boys. Um, yikes! Because we have to pay for everything out of pocket until we reach our deductible, I wasn’t sure this was really a good idea. Now I really don’t. Thanks for this post!

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