1. Debbie at |

    If you live in a border state, you would see the devastation and infestation of third world people by bringing in their diseases. California is has a record high meningitis which usually starts in schools because, of the free education offered. Because, the kids are undocumented schools usually waive the immunization records.

    Diseases as like Japanese Encephalitis, Schistosomiasis, Hepstitis, ring worm, herpes, unusual flues, measles, chicken pocks, etc are on the rise in schools because, kids aren’t immunized. It’s funny … you can enroll a kid without immunization but, you can’t bring a peanut butter sandwich to school for fear of peanut allergies.

    As for your comments at your family reunion regarding taking Gardisil. all drugs, medicines, herbal, homeopathic etc etc etc have side effects for some. Those who have been effected had allergic reactions to the Gardisil and the symptoms were overlooked by their care givers. If you child comes down with chills or a fever after taking a vitamin you should seek medical help. If you child comes down with flue like coditions after receiving Gardisil vaccine, you should seek medical attention.

    Believe it or not.. The World Health Organization and American doctors aren’t trying to kill or harm you. They’re trying to help the world. Immigration around the world has increased. Immigration around the world is like a raging river pushing it’s way to expand a small creek. As people are migrating from different regions to new regions, they’re bringing their diseases with them. In worse case.. super bugs are now upon us.

    Look to the future. Research all that you can. Don’t always believe what you read on a blog. A handful of deaths compared to millions of lives saved outweighs the mishaps of any drug.

    Find the real truth by researching vaccines yourself. Seek out the real data and not mass hysteria amongst the yoga pant wearing mommies, who drink two cups of Starbucks a day and think everyone should eat a gluten free diet.


  2. […] vaccines I don’t trust at all and refuse to allow for my children are the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine and the flu shot. You can read my previous posts to see exactly why I feel this way about these two […]

  3. Lisa at |

    I have a question that I cannot find the answer to so maybe you can help. My daughter, 11, has had the first 2 of the 3 shots. She was due to have the 3rd in November, but I am seriously rethinking this and have delayed the 3rd shot. Have I already done the damage – am I too late? I feel awful for having put her through it, now that I know better. Thoughts?

  4. Stacie Gorkow @SincerelyStacie at |

    With two boys age 12 and 13, this was brought up at their physicals last month. I was considering them since I actually had HPV in my early 20’s. But, because my husband is self employed, we have an HSA for our health insurance. I found out, it would cost us over $1000 for these shots for both boys. Um, yikes! Because we have to pay for everything out of pocket until we reach our deductible, I wasn’t sure this was really a good idea. Now I really don’t. Thanks for this post!


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