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Tag: whole food digestion

Video of How Your Stomach Digests (or doesn’t) Processed Foods

It seems so much of what I do these days as a Naturopath practicing holistic nutrition for people in chronic physical distress is focused around digestion. Digestive issues go hand-in-hand with most chronic ailments as either the root cause or an unfortunate side effect of inflammation. But have you ever wondered what digestion actually looks like?

For over a decade I’ve been a vocal evangelist for the benefits of eating whole foods rather than processed foods. Finally, there is a video that graphically shows exactly what happens to processed foods during digestion and why we might want to avoid them.

Using a patented Mouth-to-Anus (M2A) camera and sensors loaded into capsules and taken orally, TEDxManhattan 2011 Fellow Stephani Bardin shows us exactly how differently our bodies handle processed foods than they handle whole foods.

Be warned: you might not want to watch this while you are eating!