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Tag: teleseminar

Are You Tired of Feeling Crummy?

Yesterday, I joined real estate trainer and Sell With Soul maven Jennifer Allan Hagedorn on a teleseminar focused on how I can help people who suffer from chronic physical distress to feel better.

Jennifer shared her inspirational story about how she succeeded in overcoming a lifetime of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) by identifying hidden food sensitivities and changing her diet accordingly. She feels so excited to be enjoying a pain-free life now that she wanted to shout it from the rooftops and share her discovery with others who might be suffering, too.

Listen to the 70-minute teleseminar on food sensitivities here, and read below to see what some of the attendees had to say about this life-changing teleseminar:

“This is an “ah-hah” moment for me. I have had lifelong stomach issues that have been treated in a variety of ways, and now feel like food sensitivity may be behind a lot of this. I also have a 15-year old son who was exactly the infant you described and today has digestive issues himself.” – Kay K.

“I was amazed to learn that that all the symptoms are related to food sensitivity are in my immediate family!  We will get tested!!! I have rosacea, post nasal drip, migraines, cysts and mild IBS, my sister was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Her daughter had cysts, one of my daughters is allergic to cats, the other is allergic to alcohol.  wow!” – Dawn T.

“The most surprising thing to me is how much of the information pertains directly to problems I have been having for a long time!   I definitely want to learn more.” – Laura A.

“I really enjoyed your talk! Most helpful – the connection between food and behavior issues for children. I’m going to cut out the red dye for my 7 year old son. He tends to be a bit spacey and lacks focus at times.” – Sherry J.

“The best thing I got out of today’s program is a reinforcement that there are other people that are recognizing inflammation as a result of dietary toxins.” – Sally L.

“What is the most surprising or helpful thing I got out of today’s show:  I have a 4.5 year old with several eczema and food allergies, but not the anaphylactic response. She vomits after eating something NOT on her allergy list and complains constantly of throat “crumbliness” /stomach pain…  I had no idea about this other testing and would like to do this for me and my daughter. We have had multiple skin and blood tests and they are continuously changing. Excited to learn about it.” – Nicole S.

“The biggest take away for me from today’s show is the short term sensitivity changes (Fritos today ok, tomorrow not so much but next week maybe.) I knew about long term tolerance changes but not short term. Thank you for all the information.” – Fred F.

“A light bulb moment for me was the conversation about water retention after eating inflammatory foods. Boy, can I relate to that.” – Sandy M.

“The most surprising thing to me was I didn’t even know that a person that does what you do even existed!  I am into the natural holistic remedies and I have heard of the allergies to foods before however, I didn’t know it was this easy to find out!  I have a sister who has fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.  So, sounds like she may have some of this going on as well.” – Davida B.

“The most surpising concepts I heard today had to do with the toxic load/tolerance/threshold that our bodies can take before they start to breakdown, and how people automatically assume it has to be an age related or event related that causes our bodies to start malfunctioning. The number
of people suffering from auto-immune disorders that I know is unbelievable.” – Tina R.

“I had already heard about most of what you were speaking about, as I have had health issues since 1996. Fibromyalgia, chonic fatigue, IBS, arthritis, skin issues, etc. Stuff you probably hear all the time. So nothing surprising to me. Like Jennifer, I have spent a small fortune on searching for solutions to feel better.  For the most part, I have eliminated wheat, dairy, processed foods and sugars from my diet, but still have bloating, weight gain, stomach issues, arthritis and now a new skin condition. I think I would be a good candidate for your program. Just a wild guess!!!” – Diane E.

Listen to the 70-minute teleseminar on food sensitivities here, and let me know what you felt were the biggest surprises or take-aways by commenting below. And, of course, please contact me if you feel that any of this applies to you and you’d like to exploring reclaiming your health by setting up a free 30-minute consultation to see if you’d be a good candidate for this program.