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Tag: relief from rashes

Playing In the Grass Makes Me Itchy: Natural Relief for Itching, Rashes

homeopathic relief for itches and rashes.
Natural relief for itches and rashes.

Last night, after an hour or so of rolling around and playing games in the park across the street from our house, my daughter came into dinner and began complaining that her arms, legs, and face were itching. I could see her skin was looking irritated.

I sent her directly into the shower and held her plate aside. I knew exactly what she was feeling because I’ve been known to react the same way after sitting on a lawn.

Not only does grass contain pollen to irritate eyes, nose, lungs, and skin, but today’s commercially-maintained lawns are cared for with heavy chemical fertilizers and pesticides which can transfer onto skin during the course of playing games and running around.

Natural Relief for Itching and Rashes

What should you do if you find yourself itching after contact with an allergen? Here are some good steps to take:

1. With any topical exposure, the first step is to rinse and cleanse the area to remove any lingering substances.

2. A clean lotion may then be applied all over the body. I like Everyday Shea lotion, but just be sure that whatever you choose is free of fragrance, colors, and petroleum products that could cause further irritation.

3. If the skin is still red and itchy in spots after cleansing, a good soothing spot creme is Florasone Cardiospermum Creme.

4. If the skin is still not calming down, or the person is still literally coming out of their own skin, try a homeopathic anti-histamine remedy* like Histamantium. This works like Benedryl, but without the side-effects, and is safe for babies, too.

* To order a homeopathic anti-histamine remedy mixed just for you and ready to take at any time, purchase the hayfever remedy here and specify that you want the anti-histamine remedy in the Comments field when ordering.