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Tag: oxygenated cells

How to Recover From Altitude Sickness

The best remedies for high elevation altitude sickness are the most natural: hydrate, breathe supplemental oxygen-enriched air, and take a pain reliever that thins the blood like salicylic acid (Bayer Asprin).bottled oxygen

When we pulled up to Grand Lodge on Peak 7 at 10,000 feet in the Rockies this week, my brother-in-law, who had just flown in from sea level the previous day, began to feel the effects of the altitude.

Altitude sickness can ruin a mountain vacation whether it be summer, winter, or somewhere in between. It happens when the body doesn’t have enough red blood cells to transport enough oxygen through the body in the thin, oxygen-poorer air. The body eventually adjusts and produces more red blood cells, but it may take a few days to acclimate naturally.

Serious athletes often train at altitude because it means they they will have more red blood cells when they compete at lower elevations, and more oxygen equals better muscle performance. By the same logic, less oxygen can lead to the symptoms of altitude sickness: weakness, headache, confusion, malaise, moodiness, shortness of breath.

Luckily, my father is a specialist in high altitude edema and has authored a number of articles on the subject that have been published in highly respected medical journals, so we gave him a call. He recommended my brother-in-law drink lots of water, avoid alcohol,  take two Bayer asprin, and rest for a day or two to get adjusted. He also recommended we ask the concierge if there might be oxygen available for adjusting visitors.

I remembered that we had a tank of oxygen available at my wedding for the same reason, and my wedding location was at only 8,000 feet. As it turned out, my great aunt in her 90s who came out from Florida was fine while one of my best friends who grew up in Colorado had to avail herself of the gas. But it worked immediately for her then.

We learned that we could purchase a small canister of 95% oxygen-enriched air for less than $20 at the shop inside the lodge. A couple of hits off of that thing and my brother-in-law felt almost normal again within minutes. A few more hits over the course of the next 24 hours combined with drinking a lot of water has worked wonders.

Salicylic acid, derived from willow bark, is one of the oldest pain relievers humans have known and used. It is usually a safe remedy for reducing pain and inflammation, except for those who might be sensitive to salicylates.

Cancer-fighting Tip: Oxygenate Cells

I feel so relieved that the results from my recent breast biopsy were negative, but I have been looking into what to do had the test results come back saying something different.

One thing I’ve learned about cancer cells is that they are anaerobic; they thrive in an oxygen-poor environment. To make your body more inhospitable for cancer growth, it’s helpful to oxygenate your cells.

How do you oxygenate your cells?

Obviously, aerobic exercise brings lots of oxygen into your cells, but by itself exercise is not enough to fight a tumor already growing. Help your cells absorb oxygen by drinking lots fresh fruit and vegetable juices, and consider bathing in a solution of food-grade (30% or so) hydrogen peroxide. This is not the 3% solution you find at your local drug store, but a much more potent chemical that you’ll have to find from a chemical distributor. If you order it over the net you’ll have to pay an additional hazardous materials shipping fee, so check locally first.

Be super, super careful with this stuff as it will burn you if it comes into direct contact with your skin! Should I give a disclaimer right here? Handle at your own risk! I take no responsibility or liability for your actions after reading this. I have never done this myself, but learned it from a trusted naturopathic mentor.

Start with 1/4 cup mixed into a full bathtub of water and work your way up to 1 cup over a week. You should see and feel your skin bubble a little bit as you soak. Start off slowly!

You can also take the food-grade hydrogen peroxide internally, mixing 1/2 tsp. into 16 oz. of liquid once a day to start.

Let us know if you try it!