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Tag: naturopathic doctor

New Concierge Health & Wellness Service

Concierge Health & Wellness Service

Ever wished you had access to a natural health doctor outside of a regular appointment? Someone of whom you could guiltlessly ask your health questions about anything from adapting recipes for special diets, to cold and flu remedies, to advice for insomnia or ADHD, without paying all the fees for a private appointment? Then Elizabeth’s new Concierge Health &  Wellness Service is for you.160474902

I am now offering a lower-cost alternative to booking an hour-long appointment with me in the form of my “Concierge Health & Wellness Service.” This service consists of a private Yahoo group in which I will answer any and all questions about natural health or healthy eating as well as welcome sharing from the community about what has worked for them.

For a small monthly fee you will enjoy unlimited access to natural health support from a board-certified naturopathic doctor via the listserv as well as the learning shared by the online Concierge membership. Sign up now with no long-term commitment and receive insider’s access to this private community! (Your community invitation will arrive separately after purchase.)

Become an Early Adopter and Get a Forever Discount!

I am offering a special early-adopters discount to readers of my blog of 50% off the regular monthly price if you sign up between now and January 15th. Anyone who signs up at this price now will be able to stay at this bargain rate indefinitely though there is never any commitment and you can cancel at any time. Please check it out and sign up if you’re interested. Even if you just wanted to have one question answered, you would receive the benefit of my time and knowledge for less than $20 rather than purchasing an entire private hour from me for much more.


There’s no risk; you can cancel at any time. But if you’ve ever found yourself wondering if there might be an easy remedy out there that could help you feel better, this opportunity can only be viewed as an incredible bargain.

The coupon code for 50% off the regular price is: EARLY50. (valid only December 11, 2014-January 15, 2015)

If you’ve worked with me in the past, here’s your opportunity to continue working with me for a fraction of the cost of another package of services. I want members to use me to achieve or maintain your health; look at me as your natural health resource for personalized health care advice in a group setting.

And it goes without saying that questions about Glorious One-Pot Meals, food, or cooking in general will be welcome in the community as well!

This type of online community offers the invaluable opportunity to learn from and be supported by others going through the same health challenges you are. There is power in being surrounded by like-minded people who are taking control of their own health.

I hope to see you online in the group!

Elizabeth Yarnell, ND, CLT, CNC, CNHP, MLS


Non-drowsy remedy for seasonal allergies

For more than two decades I depended on allergy medications to see me through the late summer until the first frost. That was only until I discovered a homeopathic seasonal allergy remedy that works significantly better without all of the yucky side effects.

Every year during hay fever season the roof of my mouth would start to itch. My eyes would be red and watery. My nose would gush clear liquid almost non-stop, so that my nostrils would become red and irritated from constant wiping. And, let’s not forget the unrelenting sneezing fits. I remember carrying my own box of tissues to classes at the beginning of every school year so that I could have a wipe handy at all times. I would often feel as if I were disconnected and distant from my surroundings, my swollen head and fuzzy brain making reality seem far away.

chamisa blooming
Chamisa blooming

It wasn’t until I was 19 and driving across the country to college in Maine that my cousin’s wife prescribed an allergy medication for me during an overnight at their apartment in Chicago. I couldn’t believe how life-changing this became, and every autumn I took the pills faithfully until the first frost allowed me not to.

But then I started developing mid-winter allergies to the winter-blooming chamisa when I lived in Santa Fe. Out came the allergy meds. When I moved back to Colorado, I began to suffer when the  flowering trees bloomed in the spring as well. Soon, I was on allergy medication just to make it through every single day, all year round.

The side effects were frequent and varied: drowsiness or hyperactivity, dry eyes and nose, dry mouth, digestive disturbances from constipation to nausea. And the minute the drug would wear off, the allergies would come rushing back. The medications were simply a Band-Aid; they were not curing the underlying issues of intolerance to pollens.

Then I discovered this homeopathic remedy for hay fever and seasonal allergies, and my life changed again! Nowadays, I might take a few drops of the homoepathic hay fever remedy at the beginning of a season, but then I won’t need another dose for six months to a year. In fact, if I didn’t run into sniffling people when I was out and about, like I did today, then I might completely forget it should be hay fever season and I should be suffering. Because I’m not.

I’m not suffering. Not at all. And here we are in mid-September, prime time for hay fever in this part of the world. My head is clear, my nose is clear, my mouth is not itchy… After a few years of needing the remedy less and less, and not needing it at all this season, it might be safe to say that I no longer have hay fever!

Who would have thought this could be possible? You can get this remedy, too, and be amazed.

Homeopathic remedies are safe for infants and children and can be used along with medicines or other treatments. It is not the right remedy for viral or bacterial infections. You are always welcome to contact me to discuss homeopathic remedies or other questions of natural healing.