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Tag: natural remedies for broken bones

Remedies for Healing Broken Bones

My holiday weekend plans went awry when I stepped halfway off a curb while walking the dog. My toes went one way while my heel went the other, and I went down.

My kids like to say that gravity is not my friend.

And just that fast, I had an avulsion fracture of the fifth metatarsal.

As it happens, my line of work has taught me a few good remedies for pain management and bone healing.

As far as standard first aid, when I got home I propped my foot on pillows so that it was higher than my heart and I used ice packs on and off for the first few hours to combat the swelling that had started immediately.

Homeopathic Remedies for Injuries

The most important homeopathic remedy for any injury is always Arnica Montana to reduce the swelling and bruising. I started with a teaspoon of potency of 200C dissolved in water. I took a dose daily for the first three days after the break.

The best homeopathic remedy for knitting broken bones back together is Symphatum. I plan to take Symphatum 30C for the next week or two.

BEMER: The Best Pain Management Device. Ever

This European electra-ceutical device delivers rhythmic magnetic pulses that open up the capillary-level vessels to increase oxygen delivery to the cells while facilitating removal of waste products. I wrapped the pad around my foot and ran the 8-minute program at levels 8, 9, and 10 multiple times for acute therapeutic effects.

If I had needed any more convincing as to the benefits of the BEMER, relief from the pain of the break was quick and cumulative. No prescription drugs or their nasty side effects needed!

Within just a few days I’m already able to put some weight on that foot. Amazing speed healing, especially for a middle-aged person like myself!

Vitamin D

Moving forward, I’m also going to increase my Vitamin D to help the bone heal. Be sure to take vitamin D with some fat to help absorption!


Natural Remedies to Recover From Surgery

pins in broken radius
Three pins were threaded into the ulna at the break to hold the bone together until it heals.

Today my 9-year old son underwent a surgical procedure to align the bones he broke falling off a zipline a week and a half ago. Both his radius and his ulna were broken and displaced in the fall, and we later discovered that a tendon had slipped between the bones. So today he had surgery to put everything back in place.

To assist in his recovery, I worked with our family homeopath to devise a protocol of homeopathic remedies to speed his healing.

1. Arnica Montana. Arnica is the first thing I reach for when there is swelling or bruising involved. I’ve seen it work wonders both topically and internally on inflammation from injury or trauma anywhere in the body.

2. Staphysagria. This remedy is good for wound healing. Since my son received a small incision with a few stitches, plus three pins placed to hold the bone together, this remedy will be helpful. During this post-surgical pain period, we will alternate these two remedies orally, offering one every hour until the pain has diminished.

3. Symphytum Officinale. Once the post-surgery pain has diminished and the swelling has gone down, he will get a dose of Symphytum to spur the knitting together of bone at the break. He will only get a single dose of this.

Need to know how to use homeopathic remedies?

To this regimen of homeopathic remedies, I am adding a teaspoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar 3x/day. Among its many other wondrous qualities, Braggs apple cider vinegar can speed healing from wounds and surgical interventions and also help erase the aftereffects of anesthesia. I’m also supplementing him with calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin C. The probiotics and minerals in Good Belly probiotic juice will keep his body strong, and he received an electrolyte replacement solution in his i.v. (I will also offer him some coconut water this week, to make sure he’s balanced internally).

Of course, he is getting pain killers, too! It’s not fun to have pins threaded through your bones and it will ache and throb for a few days. One of the nice things about homopathic remedies is that they can easily be used in conjunction with western medicines. Already, less than 12 hours post-surgery, he is in significantly less pain. We have high hopes for a speedy recovery.