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Tag: I-522

Label Genetically Altered Foods: It’s the Right Thing To Do

If you live in Washington State, you sit at an historic crossroads with I-522, the GMO labeling initiative.

The opponents of I-522 have spent almost $22 million to deny you of your right to know – more has been spent trying to defeat this than ever for any other ballot initiative in Washington State.

The state attorney general charges that the NO on I-522 campaign has illegally concealed more money than any other group ever accused of violating Washington’s campaign finance laws.

If Genetically Modified foods are so great, why wouldn’t manufacturers want to trumpet that from the label?

Without labeling, we will be kept in the dark about the contents of our foods. A victory for I-522, on the other hand, will likely spread GMO labeling across the country pretty quickly.

Don’t believe the lies that $22 million is purchasing on the airwaves. Vote YES on I-522.