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Label Genetically Altered Foods: It’s the Right Thing To Do

If you live in Washington State, you sit at an historic crossroads with I-522, the GMO labeling initiative.

The opponents of I-522 have spent almost $22 million to deny you of your right to know – more has been spent trying to defeat this than ever for any other ballot initiative in Washington State.

The state attorney general charges that the NO on I-522 campaign has illegally concealed more money than any other group ever accused of violating Washington’s campaign finance laws.

If Genetically Modified foods are so great, why wouldn’t manufacturers want to trumpet that from the label?

Without labeling, we will be kept in the dark about the contents of our foods. A victory for I-522, on the other hand, will likely spread GMO labeling across the country pretty quickly.

Don’t believe the lies that $22 million is purchasing on the airwaves. Vote YES on I-522.

One Comment on “Label Genetically Altered Foods: It’s the Right Thing To Do

  1. it sounded siamlir to it.He said it acted like bugs but not like bugs you’ve ever seen or heard of. He had these strings (or whatever!) coming out of his body and he said it reacted and behaved with some sentience. Creepy. Even creepier, he said it was even inside unopened canned foods, in sealed frozen foods, ice cubes..everywhere. He asked ME how can that happen? I said I don’t know organized microorganisms? Can they do that? When he put certain skin sanitizer on his hands and afterwards his entire body (cuz it worked) he said black threads came crawling out of him in great numbers tons of them he said the tub was full of them. He was revolted. He was freaking out as he described it to me begging me to believe him.. I did but in horror. My brother is not a nut. Not even close. He was terrified but apparently free of it as well as the staph, after all the weeks of sanitary conditions and antibacterials coursing through him for over 7 weeks he got another MRI and was cleared for takeoff. HOPEFULLY he is free of it. He did NOT go back to his apt in Orange, nor did he take ANY personal belongings from there. I flew him from LA to Denver last Friday with only the clothes he got from Rancho. I told him LEAVE it behind. Do not look back. Sounds almost biblical we’re not religious and we’re not hypochondriacs. This was real. We don’t know if that is also what led to the staph attack and takeover of his body.What I found very interesting about this Kaiser WARNING against GMOs and I’m SURE I’m not the only one who noticed is that KAISER PERMANENTE in Northern California is the very same health organization the CDC asked to research Morgellons for them in their recent Morgellons study which was inconclusive, and basically remained unclear and unhelpful as to its origins, treatment and pathology.The CDC continues to describe it as an unexplained dermatological condition likely due to mass hysteria delusional parasitosis. Yeah right, my perfectly sane brother (who’d never seen nor heard anything about Morgellons before) and tens of thousands of others all over the country and the world are imagining all this? They really expect us to believe that? No. There’s something horribly wrong with the food supply. We have to stop this. My brother won’t even read or research more about Morgellons (he knows next to nothing about it as he’s been hospitalized for weeks) until he’s written his own experiences so they don’t taint or influence his own full, clear personal recollections. I agreed that sounds like a good idea. In the meantime I’m researching it and am truly scared for the world. I am afraid they’ve gone too far. I never liked the idea of this type of gene manipulation (for profit). It always struck me as going way too far with insufficient knowledge, wisdom and prudence. Now I know why. And I’m modifying my buying and eating habits 100%.Kaiser Permanente maybe isn’t going public with what they found because as someone else mentioned earlier . THERE’S NOT ENOUGH NON GMO FOOD SUPPLY TO GO AROUND at this point. So instead they’re very quietly, gently and let’s say diplomatically? warning their own customers not to eat GMO foods. Well I’d advise EVERYONE to listen cuz these same patsies just finished telling the CDC they don’t know what’s causing ALL THESE PEOPLE to have freakish infected skin sores all over their bodies and THINGS that look like little nanomonstrosities coming out of their skin all over California and other especially active GMO cultivation areas; Texas, Florida So America, welcome to the brave new world Pandora’s box is now open for business and is sitting on the breakfast, lunch and dinner table. Your kids are eating out of it . BAN IT BAN IT BAN IT and while we’re at it OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. Hopefully one day nature can recover from these evil little men at the top playing God with all of us with apparent impunity. What have they done?

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