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Tag: homeopathic remedy

Vertigo Can Be Caused By Food Sensitivities

A few days ago I heard from a client of my food sensitivities clinic. She was complaining of vertigo, a sensation that had plagued her before and had sent her to doctors and medications in the quest to end the dizzy feeling. She had not experienced vertigo for some time but was ready to make a doctor’s appointment to see if another prescription drug could make it stop.

My first question to her was, “What did you eat that was different?”

“Nothing!” she insisted. “I didn’t eat anything new or different than normal.”

I encouraged her to think carefully about her diet over the last few days. She was skeptical that the vertigo could be caused by something she ate because she associated food sensitivity symptoms with the chronic constipation that used to plague her before she took the Mediator Release Test (MRT) four months ago, changed her diet in a few simple ways, and now no longer suffered from that problem.

Sure, food sensitivities can cause chronic constipation, but inflammatory reactions from different substances may manifest in different ways in a single person’s body. Acid reflux and diarrhea are among the most obvious possible reactions, but migraines and headaches, body and joint aches, nerve pain, tics, and yes, even vertigo can be a result of eating an inflammatory food or additive.

“Ah yes,” she remembered. She had enjoyed a dirty martini the previous night with dinner and then had sipped the olive juice directly afterward. Sure enough, olives are on her list of yellow reactives. It had been four months since she had eaten anything containing olives and, if she needed any further convincing as to the accuracy of the MRT test, this incident proved that she was indeed reactive to olives.

Now that we had identified the culprit and correctly diagnosed the situation as inflammation triggered by a food sensitivity reaction, we could take action to help her recover. Our goal was to remove the inflammation and bring her back to an un-inflamed state as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, she was to retreat back to her original “safe diet” based what the MRT found were the least inflammatory foods for her body. An inflamed body is more sensitive to things that it may normally be able to tolerate, so she doesn’t want to inadvertently trigger more inflammation and prolong the reaction.

The second remedy I suggested was to take a dose of homeopathic anti-histamine. A food sensitivity reaction provokes a release of mediators, chemical messengers used by the blood cells to cause inflammation. The most famous mediator we all know is histamine. We know that if we have a stuffy nose in the springtime and take an anti-histamine, we will experience temporary relief while the effect of the histamine release is counteracted.

The homeopathic anti-histamine doesn’t have the side effects of pharmaceutical anti-histamines such as Benedryl. It doesn’t make you sleepy or dry-mouthed, and if it’s not the right remedy, nothing will happen. If, on the other hand, it is the right remedy, you’ll notice a difference in how you feel within minutes.

I suggested she take one dose, then another 15 minutes later, and another 30 minutes later, if needed.

The vertigo began to recede after the first dose. Within an hour after taking the second dose, it was gone completely. She felt fatigued but no longer dizzy.

Homeopathic Anti-histamine Remedy

Homeopathic anti-histamine is a helpful remedy to keep ready and in the house to counteract unintentional exposures to allergens. Taking it shortly after symptoms appear may significantly reduce the severity and duration of hypersensitivity reactions.

Pre-mixed homeopathic remedies are available here by specifying which one you want in the Comments field of the shopping cart.

Homeopathic Remedies for Poison Ivy Exposure

Summer is prime season for running into poison ivy. Luckily, there are some safe remedies that can bring immediate relief from the itching and burning.poison ivy

The leaves of poison ivy are covered with an oil that causes topical dermatitis in the form of itching and swelling as well as a rash or blisters wherever it touches. The oil easily spreads to other body parts or other people, making it imperative to wash hands constantly and try to refrain from scratching.

Natural News offers an excellent summary of poison ivy symptoms and the correct homeopathic remedies to alleviate the discomfort. Be sure to match your symptom to the remedy or you will not find relief.

Here are instructions on how to take homeopathic remedies.

Natural Remedy for Nasal Congestion of Summer Colds

There seem to a few particularly nasty summer colds flying around this July and I’ve been busy dispensing remedies left and right to help alleviate symptoms and bring the body back into balance. Most notably, I’ve been offering up homeopathic Kali Bich.

Kali Bich (pronounced “Cali” as in California, “Beech” as in a beech tree) is great for clearing up thick nasal congestion that constantly needs to be blown out. Usually, a single dose will clear the nose and allow the sufferer to sleep soundly and stop carrying a box of tissues around with them. Often, this remedy will be enough to help the sufferer turn the corner toward regaining health.

Kali Bich works well with viral infections that produce yellow snot, but not so much when the infection has become bacterial and moved into green mucous.

When you administer the right homeopathic remedy, the health turnaround can be dramatic. If there is no effect, then it is not the right remedy for what ails you, but no harm done.

Homeopathic remedies may be used alongside other remedies or medications without fear of interactions. Click here for information on giving homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic Natural First Aid for Bumps and Bruises

Today was one of those days. A sequence of events left everyone limping for homeopathic remedies for bumps and bruises.

My kids are doing a morning tennis camp on the other side of the neighborhood this week of their summer summer vacation. Of course, I’m insisting that we ride bikes or scooters to and from the camp, and I’ve been escorting my kids and a neighbor boy each way.

After camp today, we rounded a corner on the bike path with myself in the lead on my cruiser bike and my 8-year old daughter close behind me. Suddenly, I realized that I did not hear the 9-year old neighbor boy’s scooter behind us. I slowed and called for the boy. My daughter looked behind for him and ran right into my bike. I went down, scraping the back of my leg. She went down (thankfully) in the grass alongside the path, painfully bruising her upper left arm on the handlebar as she fell. The neighbor boy showed up around the corner having picked himself up from his own crash.

arnica montana ointment for bumps and bruisesFinally at home, I applied first aid to our cuts and scrapes, and offered a homeopathic remedy of arnica to help with the bumps and bruises. I think that homeopathic arnica montana is the most effective when an arnica pellet is dissolved in a few ounces of water and then swished around in the mouth before swallowed. I offered it three times within the first hour. Here’s more on how to take a homeopathic remedy.

We also applied a topical arnica ointment to the bruised area and took a soaking bath in a dilution of Dead Sea salts after dinner.

By bedtime, the upper arm bruise that I feared would compromise my daughter’s backhand at tennis camp, had shrunk significantly and was no longer interfering with her range of motion. By morning the bruise had shrunk significantly, though we still put another coating of arnica ointment on the area. She was able to have a great morning playing tennis with no pain or discomfort.

Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Sunburn

In Arizona a few days ago I was negligent about re-applying sunscreen when the kids and I were hanging out by the pool. We came home sporting varying shades of pink and red burned skin. As a mom, this was not one of my prouder parenting moments.cure for sunburn

As happens with sunburns, we didn’t feel the full effect until later that evening, when my daughter complained about the heat radiating from her pink thighs.

The homeopathic remedy for sunburn is Belladonna. I dissolved a few pellets in a few ounces of water and gave each of us a teaspoon underneath our tongues to start. The relief from the burning started in minutes.

To take it further, I mixed teaspoons of the remedy water with some shea butter-based lotion and slathered it across the affected areas.
We each enjoyed a comfortable, pain-free night, and our skin was in much better shape the next day, thanks to the Belladonna.