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Tag: cat

Natural Cures for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) in Cats… and People, Too

Last weekend, our 16-year old cat announced to me that she had a urinary tract infection by jumping up onto my freshly-laundered white bedspread, deliberately squatting, and dribbling a few drops of bloody urine onto the center of the bed.

Our 16-year old Russian Blue cat.

It was an effective message.

I scooped her up and deposited her in the backyard on a balmy spring evening to watch her stumble around trying to pee and rubbing her va-jay-jay on the grass. I could tell she was experiencing the burning and relentless sensation of needing to pee that characterizes a urinary tract infection. If you’ve ever had a UTI, you know what I mean. This poor cat was suffering.

It was a Sunday night, so I couldn’t get her into see the vet until the next morning anyway, and we needed to find a way to get through the night without her peeing all over the house in the meantime. Once again, I decided to treat her like I would a human patient. After all, cats are mammals, too.

The last time I doctored my cat was when in 2010 when she was diagnosed with Chronic Feline Renal Failure, and the signs then were similar to the ones now. I knew she was heading into serious dehydration if this irresistible urge to urinate continued unabated. Exactly three years ago, I had successfully pushed her Chronic Feline Renal Failure into remission by changing her diet and administering probiotics and supplements. Her lab tests came back proving our success and she stopped peeing all over the house. Since then, we had kept it in check through daily cranberry supplements and a low-protein diet. But she was undeniably suffering now. She needed a fast-acting UTI remedy.

Natural Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Remedy

I mixed up a homeopathic remedy of nux vomica and mercurius corrosivus and added it to her water bowl. I also put some into a vial with a dropper and squirted a dose directly into her mouth to get started. Within minutes it was obvious that something had changed for her: she was acting normally again. She was no longer squatting in inappropriate places, dribbling urine, or rubbing her crotch. I let her inside and she immediately went to her bowl to eat her low-protein dinner, and then curled up and slept soundly on the corner of our bed for most of the night.

It has now been three days since I gave her the remedy, and she hasn’t peed outside the litter box since. Her litter box deposits seem to be of normal volume and frequency again, and her appetite and disposition have returned. Phew!

The right homeopathic remedy can be just as effective on people as they are with cats. The trick with homeopathy is to figure out the right remedy; you’ll know it’s right because symptoms will drastically improve.

Even though I only list one homeopathic remedy (my amazing hay fever remedy!) for sale in my online store, I can prepare a remedy for almost any ailment and ship it to your door. Wanna know more? Just shoot me an email and ask!