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Tag: bowel cleanse

Apple Juice Colon Cleanse

One of my natural health clients asked me this week about the apple juice colon cleanse regimen, so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

Why would someone want to do a colon cleanse? Believe it or not, you can carry up to 20 lbs. of old feces in your colon. Ugh! Nasty!

Ok, I would assume you’d have to be a pretty large person to have twenty pounds of old poop in your colon, but even a small amount of build up along the walls of the colon is undesirable.

Not only can this build-up contribute to uncomfortable constipation, but it can inhibit efficient assimilation of nutrients from food, compromise your immune system, and interfere with your general well being.

Short of visiting a colon-hydrotherapist, a good colon cleanse can clear you out, if you know what I mean.

Here is a colon cleanse I have used in the past with good effects. It relies on organic unfiltered apple juice — be sure to use unfiltered juice or it won’t work. And don’t stray, or it won’t work. For best results, try to do the cleanse for 3 days, or at least until what comes out is clear liquid.

1. Start off the day with 16 oz. of organic unfiltered prune juice.

2. Within 30 minutes, drink 16 oz. of good quality water. Room temp is best.

3. Begin to alternate 8 oz. organic unfiltered apple juice with 8 oz. water, 1 glass every 30 minutes, until bedtime.

4. Wake up and repeat.

An option is to add 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice to the apple juice. This will help thin out the mucous in the bowel.

If needed, add an additional 16 oz. of prune juice at lunch time.

Won’t you be hungry if all you eat is apple juice and water? Not really, believe me. Try to chew the juice as you ingest it to stimulate the salivary enzymes. After all is said and done, eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables when first coming off the fast, and work up to more solid foods.

Freshly squeezed apple juice is best, but if not possible, use very cloudy organic apple juice.