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Apple Juice Colon Cleanse

One of my natural health clients asked me this week about the apple juice colon cleanse regimen, so I thought I’d share it with everyone.

Why would someone want to do a colon cleanse? Believe it or not, you can carry up to 20 lbs. of old feces in your colon. Ugh! Nasty!

Ok, I would assume you’d have to be a pretty large person to have twenty pounds of old poop in your colon, but even a small amount of build up along the walls of the colon is undesirable.

Not only can this build-up contribute to uncomfortable constipation, but it can inhibit efficient assimilation of nutrients from food, compromise your immune system, and interfere with your general well being.

Short of visiting a colon-hydrotherapist, a good colon cleanse can clear you out, if you know what I mean.

Here is a colon cleanse I have used in the past with good effects. It relies on organic unfiltered apple juice — be sure to use unfiltered juice or it won’t work. And don’t stray, or it won’t work. For best results, try to do the cleanse for 3 days, or at least until what comes out is clear liquid.

1. Start off the day with 16 oz. of organic unfiltered prune juice.

2. Within 30 minutes, drink 16 oz. of good quality water. Room temp is best.

3. Begin to alternate 8 oz. organic unfiltered apple juice with 8 oz. water, 1 glass every 30 minutes, until bedtime.

4. Wake up and repeat.

An option is to add 2 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice to the apple juice. This will help thin out the mucous in the bowel.

If needed, add an additional 16 oz. of prune juice at lunch time.

Won’t you be hungry if all you eat is apple juice and water? Not really, believe me. Try to chew the juice as you ingest it to stimulate the salivary enzymes. After all is said and done, eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables when first coming off the fast, and work up to more solid foods.

Freshly squeezed apple juice is best, but if not possible, use very cloudy organic apple juice.

198 Comments on “Apple Juice Colon Cleanse

  1. Hi, I did this for 6 days and didn’t get to the expected final stage of the cleanse. Any ideas on why? I wonder if there are cases like mine where this cleanse just doesn’t work.

  2. I’m in the middle of Day 3 and nothing close to clear coming out yet. I’m having about a dozen diarrhea movements a day. Should I continue another day or two until it’s clear … or stop because 3 days is as long as I should go?


    1. I love your blog now at noon of4th day BM is liquid but not clear . Woke up with very sore liver gallbladder?? Applying hot castor oil presses??would like to continue to clear stool?? Or dur to soreness should I stop

  3. I’m pregnant, so I can’t clense right now, but could I use this method to get things moving? Pregnancy has a nasty side effect of constipation in the third trimester.

    1. If you have never had any problems with drinking apple juice, there shouldn’t be a problem with drinking a lot of apple juice and water to loosen your bowels, but you definitely wouldn’t want to do it as a “cleanse” while pregnant. You could eat a lot of fruits and vegetables while drinking unfiltered organic apple juice and water and see if that brings some relief.

  4. I had no idea that I can clean my organism with apple juice! Thanks a lot for sharing this incredible article! Regards! Downham Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

  5. Elizabeth,
    Hi. I am very interested of this apple juice cleanse but instead of store bought juice, I want to juice fresh apples instead. Is there a particular kind of apple you would recommend? The reason why I can’t do the juices In a bottle is that it’s just too sweet for me. Thanks.

  6. I have been very excited to try this cleanse and finally got a few days off work! Within just a half hour of starting this morning, things have already been moving right along. I was hoping to pass solids, but I suppose it might be a good thing there wasn’t much in the way? Or might there be some more to come? Just wondering what to expect! Thanks!

    1. Some people don’t pass anything more than urine for the entire first day of this cleanse while others will pass liquid stool almost immediately. However long it takes, you’ll know you’re done when the liquid passing through your anus is mostly clear. The more build-up along the walls of your colon you have, the longer it will take to clear; less build-up will clear more quickly.

  7. Can I stop after one day if I’m already just having clear stuff come out…actually nothing is really coming out anymore except gas. But I did go a TON today, but it seems to be done now.

  8. Hi, is it ok if the prune and apple juice is organic unfiltered but also pasteurized?

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    1. Hmmm… The idea of this cleanse is to alternate drinks but to drink at least 8 oz every 30 minutes. In the beginning you may be able to squeeze a run in to your space between toilet breaks, but there will be periods where you will want to be close to a toilet. There is no reason not to exercise, but I would say leaving the vicinity of a toilet during this cleanse is a risk.

      1. Thanks for the quick response. Do you think the lack of food for several hours affect my body? I’ve bought all of my juices, but I’m feeling but nervous about the- not eating part of the plan.

        1. You will not starve during this cleanse. If you feel light-headed, sit down. This is not a long-term cleanse and you should not do it for longer than 3 days at most. If you feel adversely affected, eat some food and end the cleanse. You are in control.

  11. This cleanse is the best .. I use it for maintaining my weight and health.. Great way to get your body into healthy living and weight loss.. If lost 18 pds in 2 months doing a 3 day apple cleanse each month… Regular exercise and sensible diet ,.. This cleanse works …. Was a 38w now a 34w and being in the entertainment business this is how I maintain..good luck everyone one it really works .. My video

  12. My wife and I have tried many kinds of cleanse products and eventually landed on the Dr Max Powers 15 Day Cleanse. After reading many reviews, I ordered the first bottles early this year and liked the results. They really shine when we travel because they don’t cause any discomfort and give you regularity. I usually take 2 capsules after dinner and my morning routine goes smoothly.

  13. Hi!

    I started this apple juice cleanse yesterday but I left my good quality water at home and I was stuck at work I drank 1 gallon of unfiltered apple juice and again today I left the water but also drank another gallon of water. Is this ok? I’m using the bathroom quite frequently and my bum is sore but it’s not getting clear not sure if its because I’m not drinking the water or I need to do it another day or so

    1. It usually takes more than one day to clear out enough where what’s coming out runs clear. If you are not drinking water with this cleanse, you need to be sure you’re not getting dehydrated.

  14. Hi Elizabeth,

    I have suffered from chronic constipation – due to stress apparently – since I was 13 (26 now) and have been thinking about doing this for a while. However I am at the end of Day 3 and still have solid stools (at least I’m going!). I know it takes longer for some people, do you think I should stick it out? I have been to so many doctors who don’t help and would love for this to work… Thanks for you help and this great article.

    1. Alice, It sounds like you need more than just an apple juice colon cleanse for a lasting solution to your constipation. You can continue the cleanse for another day or two as long as you are eliminating something, but I wouldn’t go longer than 5 days. I will contact you directly to offer other ideas. ~Elizabeth

    1. Hmmmm… I don’t think this is necessarily the cleanse you want after chemo. This cleanse is good for cleaning out the colon and for constipation. You need a cleanse that will remove toxins from your organs.

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  16. Tried, but didn’t last long! After 6 hours I could barely stand the migraine I got and vomitting. I did have small bm’s. Is that normal? I was miserable. I really want to try again but am somewhat reluctant.

    1. I’ve heard it’s normal to feel awful and have headaches while cleansing, it’s from the toxins. I read somewhere else that a bath with epsom salts can help, and taking some activated charcoal should help, but make sure you keep things moving. Maybe try Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula or something similar.

    2. I just remembered where I read that, the blog Abide With Me. The lady had the same symptoms and passed a stone. Yikes.

  17. Hey everyone on my first day.
    Quick question should I be drinking my

    reverse osmosis system

    which has a ph balence of 4

    or should I drink my RO water that’s filtered with

    santevia filter which raises the ph to

    Which it adds salt. potassium, zinc.

    Thank you

  18. I had a colonoscopy this past monday…but before that I found your apple juice colon cleanse and tried it that friday afternoon when I got home from work and continued it on saturday…I only had to drink 5 glasses of the lax. the dr.prescribed to take…THANKS SO MUCH! I will use this when I do my next cleanse it was not as bad as I thought it would be….

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  20. Hi Elizabeth,

    I drank 16oz of prune juice last evening before bed and then officially started this cleanse this morning. I had the 16oz of prune juice (I drank it warm to aid in digestion) followed by the water, and I have been through 3 rounds of apple juice and water alternation and still haven’t managed to pass anything except a little stinky gas (I have been producing urine just fine). Do you have any advice for me to get things moving or do I just need to be patient? I have never done any sort of colon cleanse in the past. Thanks!


      1. Thank you for your reply! It’s 6:30pm now and I have been through almost an entire bottle of apple juice (Trader Joe’s organic unfiltered apple juice) and still haven’t managed a BM. I was starting to wonder if this just might not work for me. I will continue on through the weekend – here’s hoping something starts moving tomorrow! Thanks again!

      2. Well I made it through the weekend! I’m surprised I wasn’t hungry after only drinking apple juice and water all weekend, but you were right – that must be enough. I did manage to have a few small BMs over the weekend, but they were still fairly solid (not hard/uncomfortable, but not runny like I expected). I certainly never got to the point of having clear liquid coming out. Is it safe to continue for a few more days or should I just try another type of cleanse?

        1. It sounds like your bowels are just starting to move. I would continue on the cleanse until your colon is cleared out, if you can. You are moving in the right direction, your body just needs a little more time.

        2. I’m taking Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel Formula and his Liver and Gallbladder Formula at the same time. I also take magnesium every day (I have taken magnesium for a few years).

          I had to go about an hour after the 2 cups of prune juice on the first day and have been going ever since.

          I’m no expert but I would suspect that since almost everyone is magnesium deficient, your body could starved for magnesium and so the prune juice is not enough to get things moving. I would advise looking up The Magnesium Miracle and at least watching a video on it, and then adding a magnesium supplement. I am not taking the magnesium during the cleanse though as I’ve gone off all supplements except the two Dr. Christopher’s that I mentioned.

  21. Can someone please answer my questions?! I started this this morning and it’s not working! Help please!

  22. Also, I mixed the prune juice with a couple tbsp of cran/grape juice for taste.. is that okay?

  23. Hi, I am starting this apple colon cleanse this morning and I have a few questions.
    1.) I am currently taking natural diet pills and prescribed depression pills,.. can I still take them while doing this cleanse?
    2.) I am always thirsty! Can I chew gum?!
    Am I able to drink water through out the day? If so, how much would you prefer?

    1. Ashley, I am not a medical doctor and cannot advise you regarding any prescribed medications. I do not know what “natural diet pills” you are taking and cannot speak to them, though they sound suspicious.

      About thirst: on this cleanse you drink constantly from morning until night. If you are still thirsty, it might indicate other problems.

      If you chew gum and are sensitive to one of the ingredients in gum, like Aspartame, for example, it could stall the effects of the cleanse.

      1. What do you mean they sound suspicious?! I saw them on the Dr. Oz show.
        They are Garcinia Cambognia. I just started taking them this weekend. Should I not take them while doing this cleanse?
        I started this apple cleanse yesterday morning and still not working..
        and I haven’t taken any of my pills so that’s not the reason. What shall I do?!

        1. Honestly, I am suspicious of most supplements and prefer to work with whole foods, but regardless, if you’ve been drinking a little prune juice and only unfiltered apple juice and water constantly every half hour for the past two days without eating any food, and you still haven’t emptied your bowels, then either you’re sensitive to the apples, the prunes, or the diet pills and your colon has become inflamed and closed up. Any way you turn it, what you’re doing now is not working for you. You could try the cleanse without the diet pills, or just go a different route altogether. You might benefit from working with a qualified natural health practitioner to get some direction and help with what ails you.

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  26. This cleanse can be done with many juices, though apple is preferred because of it’s amazing blood purifying properties. But, once your start with one juice, stay with it for the whole cleanse. I have done this cleanse with apple and carrot juices. Also, if you absolutely need some solid food, you can eat your fruit/vegetable – apple with apple juice, carrot with carrot juice, etc. You can use grape juice for this cleanse, but you have to be careful, I have yet to find a processed grape juice that was completely raw and free of additives. Also, you should take 1-3 Tbs. of olive oil three times daily (I really hate it so I mix it in with the last bit of my juice).
    Good luck everyone! This is a great cleanse!

  27. I just started the cleanse today. I’m hopeful. About 2 hours after starting with the prune juice and I’ve already had 3 bowel movements. (I usually go in the morning after breakfast so I’m not really counting the first one.) I want to know if more water than is required is ok though? I usually drink a gallon of water a day and I’m feeling a little underhydrated. Also, I’m adding a tablespoon or two of coconut oil rather than olive oil to an herbal liver & kidney detox tea by Yogi. I’ll let you know how things go. This is my first juice cleanse/fast.

    1. I don’t see a problem with increasing your water intake to match what you normally drink. Be careful, though, not to drink too much water as you can induce hypertremia which can lead to death. If you start feeling shaky, substitute some coconut water for the electrolytes.

      1. Ok, I started about 12 and a half hours ago. I’ve been to the bathroom 11 times today, it has been clear since about the 4th time. I added some flax seed to my water at lunch and dinner, just one table spoon each time. About 2 hours after luch and dinner I went to the bathroom again and left behind the flax seed. I still hear and feel lots of grumbling through my intestines but I’m wondering if it’s possible I’m already clean? Also, I did not take in extra water like I thought I might need to.

  28. Today is my first day with the fast. However, my prune juice is not organic or unfiltered. Will the fast still be effective?

    1. I can’t imagine that would be a problem. If the cleanse is going to work for you, it will work whether or not the ingredients are organic. The only consideration will be in how much pesticide residue you ingest along with your juice.

  29. Something must be very wrong with me because I am on my second day and am actually constipated. I had to take two senna pills last night. I did the prune juice and the apple juice and water every 30 minutes and have got lots of gas and bloating but that is about it. I am thinking of just going to the end of today and then stopping. I have IBS and chronic gastritis and also, a slow functioning gallbladder. Could all this be my problem?

  30. I tried thos cleanse and loved it. My stomach felt great. I have chronic constipation. unfortunately I only made ot thru 1 day because my rear end was so sore I couldnt do it anymore. Dr. Christopher mentions other juices you use. I have some time off work coming up and am wanting to try again however I may try a different juice. If there is a suggestion that would be great.

  31. Hi-

    I’m considering doing this cleanse and am wondering if I were to do this starting tomorrow(tues) lets say.. I have work around 2-3pm next couple days. Would I be in the bathroom the whole time? Also if I did the 3 day.. could I eat sushi on monday?

    1. Megan- It is different for everyone, but I would want to be close to a bathroom. You should be eating normally within a day or two following.

      1. So I started this.. So far it seems to be working. Just a question, you’re aiming for 3 days but if whatever is coming out is pretty much clear etc do you stop then?

  32. Elizabeth, I notice you didn’t answer the question asked by two different people in the comments above. I have the same question: will this fast cause the gross impacted material to leave the colon walls, or is it just a glorified laxative? In other words, would a colonic be necessary to get the truly gross stuff out? It’s an important consideration before I commit to trying the cleanse. Thanks in advance for your help.

    1. Leah- The fiber and pectin in the apple juice seems to clean you out pretty well during this cleanse. I haven’t seen any chart showing a direct comparison of this cleanse to a colonic, but this is a food-based way to cleanse the colon rather than a more invasive water-based method so it is a bit like comparing apples to oranges. Some modalities work well for some, while others prefer different methods. You’ll have to see what works best for you.

  33. Hi,

    I’m just embarking on the version of this cleanse that involves 5 days fasting with apple juice/psyllium/bentonite clay mixtures five times a day. It sounds great, but I have a candida problem and the apple juice seems to be really exacerbating symptoms. Could you suggest a suitable substitute that is less sugary? Or is apple juice the only real option?

    Many thanks,


  34. After reading a lot of the posts, I found a grocery store that had the right apple juice. Day 1 starts tomorrow. I am very nervous. i am 5’5″ and have always had a belly. I did carry twins full term but they are 7 now so that excuse is no longer vital. I am constantly constipated and just want to
    FEEL better. Will check in in the morning =)

  35. I’m on day two of this cleanse and I haven’t had much going on. I had 2 little BM this morning but that is all and nothing on day one. How long does it take before I’m confined to my bathroom? I’m a little concerned I’m not pooing more. Is it normal?

  36. I haven’t been regular since I had my baby 4 months ago and would love to try this cleanse. Does this cleanse have any effects on the baby if I’m still nursing?

  37. I successfully completed this apple cleanse about a year ago. By the 2nd day, everything was clear and I felt great. However, I just completed a 3 1/2 day course of this same cleanse (used the same ingredients) and did not get the same results. What came out never turned clear after 3 1/2 days! I’d be in the bathroom frequently in the mornings but hardly at all in the afternoons. I even added lemon juice to help but to no avail. What’s wrong? Do I need to do a repeat?

  38. Another great cleanse is from Blessed Herbs, which uses apple juice as a “mixer” with their “toxin absorber” powder……i’ve done this cleanse twice and it’s wonderful! You can do 5 days or 8, but 5 days brings amazing results. I’m a runner and yogini and while sweating as much as i do rids my body of junk, this colon cleanse is life changing. First couple of days are rough, like with any cleanse, but give it a try!! Minimum 5lbs weight loss and getting rid of colonic plaque and old “rubble” is just terrific!

  39. This is my 2nd day on the cleanse. I am not hungry at all, but I’m not having any bowel movements either. Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if I need to do it for an additional day or take something else to aid things along.

  40. If you think about this, detoxification your lean meats is a lot like transforming the particular essential oil filtration in a car. The particular acrylic filtering takes in each of the poor contaminants and ensure they don’t really get …cleanse liver

  41. I just started my cleanse today. I just downed the prune juice, I could not find unfiltered, but did find unsweeten and organic. As far as the apple juice, I did find unfiltered, so I am good to go. I have felt terrible for about a year. My Doctor says its stress. So wish me luck. I will keep you posted as it also helps me too.

  42. to add to the result
    No sweating for 2 years because cannot drink too much water so I ask the patient to go to a sauna steam bath and wella all the skin poeres opened and that reduce the swelling in the feet / numbness
    Now He can regularly drink 4 to 8 glass of water and normal vowel movement
    The acid in the pineapple helps including the stem from the green leafy leaves as laxative

  43. Hi to all
    Will try this apple juice tomorrow
    From my experience with stage 4 colon cancer
    where only droplets in urine for 2 years and twice a week dialysis.. I recommended the following
    Sliced pine apple juice from Del Monte 2 pieces and or 1/4 slice of pineapple fresh
    and 5 stems of Pechay or green leafy leaves(w/o leaves) into a juicer for a glass

    Drink it after meals 3 x a day result
    after 3 days urine comes out and no swelling of the feet dialysis was reduced to once a month and laxative fruits such as papya and one tsbpn virgine coconut oil as laxative

    hope this help

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  45. This is great, I am starting tomorrow. Is three or four days? Also, I want to do a kidney, gallbladder/liver, parasites, and heavy metals and final a full body for 11 days. Do you have any receipes for those? What sequences should I do it in? For example, I will do the Colon for 4 days, then how fast can I start my kidney cleansing, then gallbladder/liver, parasites and heavy metals and so forth? I have thyroid and take meds can I continue drinking on the days I cleanse? All the help would be great. First time doing this and want to do it right.

  46. I completed day three with no aches, no discomfort whatsoever, and a bit of an appetite. I munched on a cauliflower with a little homemade tahini just to curb the appetite.

    My belly was so full and round each night, but in the mornings flat as a board. I ended up losing 5 pounds, mostly due to toxin expulsion and the water molecules that cling to toxins to protect us.

    I modified a bit on the third day, and instead of taking apple juice I made vegetable juices (cabbage, celery, cucumber, garlic, ginger and lime).

    This fast was a great experience, even better than the spiritual water fasts I have completed in the past. It is a soft and calming experience.

  47. I am on day two of the three day colon cleanse. I am so grateful for this new beginning, this healing and rejuvenating cleanse! I bought seedless prunes (way more than I needed I think) and blended it with filtered water until creamy. I forget to soak them first, which should help to blend it. If you soak, remember to use filtered water and then add the soak water to the drink when blending. My blend comes out rather thick, which I don’t mind although prune juice is not a favorite of mine at all. On the second day, I actually took a spoon to the prune juice and ate it like yogurt to better ‘chew’ each mouthful. I bought two big bags of apples which seems to be about the right amount. It takes four apples in my LeLanne juicer to make 16 ounces. I take in a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil before each 16 ounce serving of apple juice, according to Dr. Christopher’s colon cleanse.

    After reading this post, I decided to break away from the regimen a bit, and added one lime and a bit of ginger to the juice. Superb.

    My symptoms have been slight headaches, and my boyfriend complained of a really noisy belly but I don’t so much think of the belly rumblings as a symptom. By the first evening, I was expelling so much I began to use Preparation H before and after a movement as I felt my rear a little irritated. No problems today with that. Today on day two I developed very oily skin on my face. And my mouth tastes somewhat sour. I am quite accustomed to a low-energy body during a fast, but I guess I should mention it. This should be a time of repose, with good books and certain internet sites to inspire and teach us.

    The challenge for me has been to take in the liquids at every half hour which has probably slowed down my progress. Also it is a challenge for me to chew the juice, but I am trying my best!

    The benefits are extraordinary, really. My mind is calm and peaceful. On day two, I am told I look very healthy, and I guess this is even despite my oily forehead. I think it helps to pray in this time and visualize your body healing itself, expelling toxins, releasing stones. While I am primarily doing this fast to bring my organism back into balance, I am doing it as that shift will bring my mind back into balance as well. And, my soul, which even just now, posting on this blog, is feeling balance and contentment.


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  49. Would it also help to put some raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar in the apple juice with the lemon juice?

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  53. I went from a daily normal sized bowel movement to very small movements every 2-3 days suddenly about a month ago. Diet hadn’t changed, but I had started drinking more colas and really no pure water at all. After a few weeks of eating more fibers without any improvement in the situation I decided to try this diet. I was also starting to get a lot of cramping, tingling in my belly and groin, and my stomach was becoming increasingly firm. Considering I didn’t have more than 4 small movements in 3 weeks this is no surprise.

    I have done this fast in the past, but primarily because I was sick and had no appetite and needed to take in some calories, so I decided to try it again, this time hoping to clear out what surely was severe constipation.

    I did what’s described exactly, organic prune juice + lemon juice in the morning and organic apple juice + lemon juice and water all day. I got the expected loose bowels and after 4 days I finally saw things coming out “clear”. I went the extra step of oil+fresh grapefruit juice cleanse on the morning of the fifth day and continued apple juice until dinner that night. I expelled a number of tiny green stones, but nothing big, and no pain.

    Started to eat small, light meals and I’m back to eating normally after a week, although my portions are still smaller than they were which is a good thing. Only thing that worried me was I didn’t have a bowel movement for 4 days after I started taking in solid foods again and was actually about to start drinking some prune juice again to kickstart things then things started moving and I’ve been regular with soft (not loose, but not rock hard like I had before) movements.

    It’s good to be regular again. Thank you!

  54. I’m substituting pear juice rather than drink prune juice. I picked it up at a health food store and it is organic. It says it is that okay?

  55. I am going to substitute pear juice in place of prune juice.. I picked it up at a health food store. It says the only ingredient is pear- but it says it is pasturized… Is that okay?

  56. I am on my second day of this and I am just mostly peeing. Also I have had a headache for both days. Any advise?

  57. I have my own juicer, so I plan to use whole apples for my apple juice… Do I add filtered water to it, or just drink/chew what the apple produces?


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  59. Thanks for the info! Just wanted to ask how long should you be alternating the apple juice and water for? I tend to stay up late so would I have to keep on doing it until I sleep? Also, literally every 30 minutes I have to be drinking something?

    Thanks in advance! Hoping to start over the weekend!

  60. Started today. I am running organic apples through my juicer. It takes about 2 apples per 8oz glass. I am pretty sure I won’t drink apple juice again for a long time LOL. An easy way for me to remember is I am juicing on the hour and doing water at :30. I have a lot of digestive “issues” so I will continue to update. Wish me luck!

  61. I’m buying all the stuff today!
    I’m excited to try it even tho I hate prune juice lol

    I will be eating fruit and salad! That’s it!

    I had my little girl 7 months ago! And I’ve had health
    Problems ever since so what could this hurt?
    Maybe it will help me lose a little (:

    Wish me luck guys!

  62. Does drinking unfiltered apple juice daily help with keeping the buildup from returning after a cleanse?

  63. I just did a three week detox (CLEAN by alejandro junger). Is it okay if I do this colon cleanse two weeks after the detox? Is it too quick for another cleansing of my system? (I constipated during the detox). And I bought Mornin Glory’s organic prune juice – a water extract of dried prunes. Is this considered unfiltered juice? What does unfiltered mean (does it mean with the fibre in it?) Sorry for the overload of Qs! And thanks in advance!

  64. This is a 3 day cleanse from Dr. John R. Christopher. Please google him in order to do this properly. He has step by step instructions & if it isn’t written, then it is NOT apart of the cleanse. This cleanse is then followed by a dietary change in which you avoid all mucus causing food. You may also google mucusless diet as Dr. Christopher has this cleanse & diet published in his book.

  65. hi i would like to do this cleanse, but i have gallstones. is it ok for me to do that.also what should eat the first thing on day 4.

  66. I am fascinated by all this and have thought of trying this cleanse;however I’m wondering why there are no comments since 3/10. When I check the “newer comments” on my computer all I get is the old ones. Are you still out there?

  67. this is the first time that i have heard about a apple juice cleanse . Very informative post .. the fact that in 3days i could possibly lose up to 20 lbs sounds promising .. Plus it’s faster then the lemonade detox that i heard about .. great post

  68. I am anemic as well and am wondering if it’d be ok to continue my dietary supplement capsules while doing the cleanse? Also, is there anything to substitute for the prune juice!!? haha.

    1. If you are anemic, you are probably supplementing with iron, which is constipating, which I suspect might thwart the effects of the cleanse.

  69. Hi Elizabeth,

    Just wanted to ask one more question… say that you should run clear on the last day is that through the bowel as well. I mean it should just be clear with no substance to it? Also how much weight do people normally loose. I am not overweight could lose about 10 lbs or so which wouldn’t hurt. I wear a size 10 in womens. Just wondering. Thank you

  70. Great Post. I really appreciate your opinions on this subject, especially letting others know the importance of keep the colon clean for optimal health.

    I like to add lemon to my prune juice or apple juice because it leaves a better taste in my mouth, not a sweet taste which makes me crave sweets.

  71. Yvette- I have never done a grape juice cleanse, but if it has worked for you that’s great.

    It is possible to do too many cleanses in too short of a time period, so I would always err on the side of caution. If you need to do a colon cleanse more frequently than once a year I would consider changing your diet and visiting a colon hydrotherapist.

    Sasha- I find the best results with cloudy apple juice.

  72. Also I meant to ask you how often should a person go through a colon cleanse?


  73. Hi Elizabeth,

    My Mom and I used to do this and it really works….however we have done it with Grape juice as well. Is apple juice better? We are anemic and so the grape juice has the iron in it so it helps.


    1. Yvette- Just an FYI: the amount of iron in grapes is pretty minimal (they are better sources of vitamins C and K) and prune juices has more than 5x the iron than grape juice. I have never heard of doing this cleanse with grape juice and suspect that you were probably just experiencing the effects of drinking so much juice. If anyone knows differently, please share the info.

      1. I’m pretty sure I read on Dr. Christopher’s site that it can be done with grape juice (or carrot or several others, as long as only one type is used per cleanse). Apple is supposed to be the most cleansing, though.

  74. My husband bought me Kirkland Signature Fresh Pressed Not from Concentrate Apple Juice Pastureized. It is 100% Apple Juice, no other ingredients. Will that work???

    1. No, unfortunately it will not work. The apple juice has to be unfiltered apple juice. Your local health food store should have large gallon glass jars of apple juice. There should be matter settled in the bottom that you have to shake up before you drink it. If it doesn’t, you have the wrong stuff my dear. It makes a huge difference, your body needs those nutrients. Costco doesn’t sell it. Like I said your local health food store will carry it. You will drink about a gallon or more a day, so buy 3. Or consider getting a juicer, and jucing your own. 🙂

  75. After researching several types of cleanses I’ve decided to try this one. I like the all natural approach and its seems simple and effective. I will be doing on my days off, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

    I will post beginning and end results, with a daily update each day. I’m aware individual results may vary, I just thought some people might like to hear about others progress. Especially if they are on the fence about whether or not to try it.

    See you all in a few days.

  76. Hi,

    Thanks for posting these instructions! I would like to do a colon cleanse but have suffered with candida. The Master Cleanse was great, but really exasperated my condition due to all the maple syrup. This one sounds really sugary too – do you have any suggestions? I really appreciate your help! Best Wishes~

  77. These are great instructions on this cleanse! I’ve always wanted to try, but I was concerned because I have a sensitive stomach [though I’m sure this cleanse will help that]. Should I just do the cleanse for 2 days at first, and then work up to 4? Maybe also taking extra days to build up to solids? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  78. I have the same question as Jen. will I “see” the nasty results, like the buildup of mucoid plaque?

  79. If you’re going to fresh-squeeze, I wouldn’t think the type of apple would make any difference. I would choose one you like.

    I’ve never heard anything about eating the skins for this cleanse, though my gut tells me that it would be fine, if you wanted to. Extra fiber.

    As for continuing on prune juice after the cleanse: I can’t think of any reason not to. You should feel free to eat/drink prunes at any time in your life as they only contain good stuff that your body can use. We keep prunes around to snack on at our house.

    Sometimes after a bowel purge from any cause the bowels will feel sluggish afterward. Usually this works itself out in a few days. Prunes will help!

  80. Several days after breaking the fast; I seem to be constipated and sluggish. I have done this several times and it seems to be the same case always. I did drink a lot of water and slowly added vegetables and fruits in. I am thinking it might, because i went off the prune juice too quickly and should have continued using it after the fast, but it smaller amounts. Any thoughts and solutions? Thanks

  81. I am going to freshly squeeze the apples. Do I keep the skin? About how many apples do I need per day? Gala, Granny or any type?
    Thank you in advance.

  82. yesterday it took a while to pass junk. I was at work in bathroom around 3pm and stomach hurt all of a sudden I felt like my body got hit I was like this feels like the flu i didn’t know if I wanted to puke or go to bathroom. Felt like there was a rubber band around me turned really white!! My co workers making fun of me. I was like if I have to I will eat a cracker if this doesn’t pass. So i waited relaxed and drank more apple juice and it got better. Today on my third day drinkin prune juice weigh 128lbs and looking forward to raw food tommorow but I really ok about no food. Just looking forward to reward of solid food not juice..=)

  83. i have a little bit of headache and felt kinda Quessy. Past alot yesterday and had prune juice and apple juice and water had reg movment but waiting for second day release.I feel good about yesterday but tired today.I started at weight 133lbs 5’2 height hoping to feel healthier.

  84. It is november 30,2009. I will be starting cleanse tommorow.I will let you know how it is going…

  85. I am looking for a colon cleanse, and considered getting a tea. I would be willing to give this a try, since I juice anyway. Really what I am looking for (at the risk of sounding disgusting) is to see the nasty stuff that they show you on the colon cleanse commercials. I have never colon cleansed before, so i’m sure that after 30 years of eating crap, that I have some buildup. Will I “see” the results in that way?

  86. Hi Ca- I have no idea if you will accomplish the same effects from simply eating apples rather than drinking the juice. It’s an interesting idea. It might be worth looking into how many apples are squeezed to make 1 cup of juice… Please let us know if you try it!

  87. I have tried this and gotten wonderful results. I’m going to do this again, but I’m wondering if i can substitute drinking organic apple juice with eating organic golden delicious apple? Will i be getting the same amounts of bowels movements like my first cleanse? Thank you

  88. Yes the bloating is very normal. On day one I was extremely bloated and very tired! It wiped me out. I did 4 days in total and after the second day started feeling much better. By the end of day 4 I had lost 8.5lbs and felt fantastic. I plan on doing this diet once a month now. I was never hungry on this diet, and totally recommend it.

  89. Karen,
    I would guess your bloating and burps will ease up when the cleanse takes effect and starts to move things through and out the other end.

    If you need to help it along, try the Smooth Move tea that Maddie suggested above.

  90. I am doing the apple juice and prune juice colon cleanse and am having really awful side effects. Is it normal to have acid indigestion and continual burping? And I’m very bloated. It’s only day one, but I feel just awful. Will this ease up?

  91. I’m on my 4th day of the cleanse. Only plan on doing it for 4 days. I have to say that I have not felt hungry once. Started on a Monday morning. Drinking the prune juice is hard as it is gross but I just suck it up. Mind u I don’t drink 16oz, probably around 8oz. After the first day I felt extremely bloated and very tired. Day two was much better. By day 3 I even managed to squeeze in a spin class. Today is my last day and so far so good. I feel great and thin!!! Plan on weighing myself tomorrow to see how much I’ve lost. On day 3 I was down 3.5lbs and I feel like I have lost more. This is my first cleanse and I’m surprised I stuck with it. I totally recommend this. I just used jars of organic unfiltered apple juice from the store.

  92. Chelsea: I’m not sure what you mean by “feeling kinda gross.” I would think you’d feel a bit different than normal during the cleanse.

    Emily: If you need to take meds with food during this colon cleanse, I would eat fruit like peaches, pears, or plums. These fruits will not stop up the cleansing process but will buffer your stomach from those meds until digestion.

    Maddie: yes, Smooth Move tea is great for getting things moving, though some people may feel the senna is too violent of a laxative. Do whatever works for you and you’re comfortable with!

  93. I am not new to detoxing and do so already in other ways, one being apple cider vinegar. I take medications which is the main reason I want to concentrate detoxing my colon better. How can I use this colon detox maybe modified and still take my medications especially since they specify to take with food?

  94. Helen- Try to drink the cleanest water possible is the best advice I can give you. Here’s where I talk more about quality drinking water:

    As for those of you asking about adding psyllium or flax seeds (for fiber) & bentonite clay (binds toxins for better elimination), these can help a colon cleanse for sure, though I’ve never used them myself. Look here for more info about using them as part of a colon cleanse:

    As for the “Master Cleanse,” just be careful when doing it and be sure to stop if you experience swelling in your feet and legs. The Master Cleanse is not the same as a colon cleanse.

  95. what kind a drinking water should i drink for this cleanse.can i buy the unfiltered apple juice at any stores?

  96. I think the last time I did it for one person I had 3-4 gallons on hand… I can’t remember if I went through all of it, but I wanted to be prepared. 🙂

  97. I have a similar diet, only you drink 5 glasses of the unfiltered apple juice a day and water. Yet it tells you to add psyllium & benetonite. They are to help pass the impacted matter along the colon walls. Will your cleanse do the same thing?

  98. Lisa- If what you’re expelling is clear, then I would think you’re done! Sounds like you’re squeaky clean. 🙂 Be careful as you start eating solid food again…

    Thanks for reading!!

  99. I am at the end of day two of this cleanse. The “stuff” coming out at the of day one was already coming out clear. Do I need to continue through day three? Is there more “stuff” in my colon that I can expect to expel?

  100. Adding olive oil to a cleanse works to clean out the liver and gallbladder. This can backfire on you if you have any large gallbladder stones as they can get stuck on the way out. For a gallbladder cleanse, you’d want to take large amounts of something like hydrangea for more than a week beforehand to break up the stones into smaller pieces before passing.

    As for the apple cider vinegar, I’ve heard of adding this or lemon juice for some additional cleaning. I’ve also heard of cleanses that include cayenne pepper as well.

    What I’ve written about in this post is what I’ve done myself with good effects. 🙂

  101. I’ve been wanting to do something like this for awhile, try to help my body out alittle bit. I’ve read in another site about a very similar cleanse but they added 8oz of extra-virgin olive oil on the last night on the cleanse. Then in the morning watch out! This is suppose to really clean up.

    What you think Elizabeth?

    Thanks so much for this information:)

  102. I am going to try this cleanse fri, sat and sun like you suggested…however the only apple juice that I could find was organic apple juice, and the water is filtered, is that okay?

  103. Is it normal for your butt area to burn? I’ve been doing it since this morning (roughly 5 hours now) I did the prune juice as well as the apple juice.

  104. Thanks for info.

    As a guy, I think this is amazingly useful info.

    You recommend two days versus the oft published three? Or eight? Or God forbid, 40?

    I have also read that we’ll need to “clean out the blood” in our system from our juice fast. Do you recommend a laxative?

  105. Hi Deena,

    No, the prune juice is not totally necessary. I use it because it has fiber and magnesium to help soften stools and get things moving.

    Other fruits I’ve found to have laxative properties are mangos, papayas, and pears. Feel free to eat some of these instead of drinking prune juice.

    You might want to try eating dried plums (prunes) as some people find the whole fruit acceptable even if they dislike prune juice.

  106. is Prune juice necessary? I really dislike it and do not desire to drink it. is there a substitute?

  107. Is there any benefit to adding Psyllium and/or Bentonite to the apple juice clease? If so, please recommend amount and number of times.

  108. I am doing the cleanse and it is definitely working, but I would recommend doing it on your day off…not while you are working!

  109. Bethany: It’s most important that you choose organic and unfiltered apple juice. Freshly-pressed from the farmers market would be best, of course, or right out of your own juicer, but I’ve used various brands of jarred juice, too.

  110. Okay, so I am just saying that I feel silly chewing my juice, but I am doing it. I feel good even just that I decided to do it! Thanks Elizabeth!

    1. What kind of apples do you recommend ?

      I have a quality juicer.

      When you say unfilered does that mean to
      add back the apple pulp to the juice?

      Thank you,

      John Rimel

      1. I have heard that but you go too far away from a bathroom

        Montgomery is.awesome

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