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Speaking of Nutrition, Health, and Wellness…

I’m excited to share a recent speech I gave at the Guffy Jackson Charitable Foundation for NMO Research‘s Patient Day on my “Five Simple Strategies for Healthy Eating”. The fabulous audience led the interactive discussion through topics ranging from sea salt and  artificial sweeteners to BPA in tin can linings, GMOs, and the benefits of eating organic foods.

I’ve already heard from many who felt enlightened about their food choices and empowered to add diet to their tools they use to fight progression of their disease after attending one of the four breakout sessions I led last month in Los Angeles. I, in turn, was inspired by the brave folks battling this frightening disease, and was thrilled to make a personal connection with so many of them.

I invite you to watch this health and nutrition speech and want to remind you that I’m available to speak at your corporate wellness week, brown-bag lunch, fundraising event, or national conference. Give your colleagues and employees the value of information that will improve their lives and keep them healthy and happy!

One Comment on “Speaking of Nutrition, Health, and Wellness…

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