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Plantar Warts

First, let me assure you that this is NOT my foot!

Plantar wartThis is my friend Pete’s foot as it looked last weekend. Pete, an avid athlete, was scheduled to participate in a triathelon but had to back out at the last minute due to the pain from a new Plantar wart.

Plantar warts occur on the soles of the feet. They look like hard, thick patches of skin with dark specks. Plantar warts may cause pain when you walk, and you may feel like you are stepping on a pebble.

Pete is removing it by soaking cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and securing them to the wart (he’s using duct tape — what can I say? He’s a guy.). You can kind of see that the apple cider vinegar is eating a hole through the middle of the plantar wart. This is only after a few days of using the vinegar and he definitely noticed a difference already.

Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar is a great thing to keep around the house. I love using it in salad dressings (remind me to give you my broccoli-slaw recipe — fantastic and so easy!), and you can even drink a bit of it straight to ease indigestion.

** Addendum to the post:

Be sure to look at an update to this plantar wart story, as well as to check out all the comments for helpful tips from readers!

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84 Comments on “Plantar Warts

  1. I’ll add my story for fun. As a preteen I had three plantar warts on the inside of my heel, two bigger and one smaller. I tried Dr. Scholl’s and duct tape, but what ended up doing it was going to Six Flags. I had the medicated pads on them and went to Six Flags on a day where not many people were there. I rode mostly the water rides all day over and over so I walked around in soaking wet socks and shoes basically the whole day. When I got home and took off my socks, the pads weren’t stuck anymore, obviously, but the centers had come out of the warts! Best way to get rid of plantar warts ever! You know how your skin turns white and wrinkly from soaking in water? Apparently that starved the warts enough, and combined with all the walking they weren’t strong enough to hang on.

  2. Apple cider vinegar is effective remedy for warts and many other skin problems. This was used by me to treat my warts and I was able to get rid of my problem within a couple of days.

  3. I had problems with warts for years but the h-warts formula products helped me quite good. It’s fda approved and contains homeopathic ingredients only.

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  5. Had a mosaic wart for 20 years, combination of aggressive treatment apple cider vinegar vitamin A Gel from the actual capsule freezing digging soaking and scraping and lots of vitamin supplements to boost immune relieved to say with aggressive treatment they will disappear

  6. Yes, ACV is a popular home remedy for plantar wart removal… and what a great list of resource here from the readers!

    Just to share additional input in case ACV does not work for some individual, since different person may have different response to the same treatment:

    Indeed Nail Varnish is also a home remedy that get rid of plantar wart in similar manner as duct tape approach, with a “Suffocation Theory” behind. Checkout below post with embedded presentation slides for details.

    Hope this provides additional option.

  7. Forget using vinegar on a planters wart. Use a squashed piece of garlic with a piece of banana peel. The squashed garlic juice is what’s going to kill the wart and the banana is going to be a moisturizer/disinfectant and will help draw that garlic down to the root of the wart.

    Get yourself an O-ring (plastic or metal), put the O-ring on your foot, put a piece of juicy garlic inside the O-ring then cover with a small piece of banana preferably the size of the O-ring. Cover with a Band-Aid, then cover with some gauze. Repeat ever 3-4 days. The garlic will kill the planter’s wart and the banana will allow you to peel away the callus around the wart.

    Do a Google search or Youtube search on using crushed garlic and banana peel for planters warts. Vinegar is ok on topical warts but, planters warts ie Verruca which is essentially a HPV infection needs something stronger and garlic is the right thing.


  8. I just had two different diagnosis by two different doctor; (1) fungal infection, (2) plantar warts. I’m confused nevertheless I’ll still use the product – duofilm to rid those on my base of the foot as it work for warts,calluses, corn.

  9. I’ve had a plantar wart on my foot for a year now. I tried this wart stick stuff for about three months, these foot pad medicine things, put duct tape on it, and frozen it off. None of those things worked. The wart is almost completely black now. I hope this is a sighn that it is finally dying.

  10. I am now wart and verruca free!

    So I have had 2 verrucas on my foot, one about the size of a 10pence coin on the ball of my foot, followed by a smaller but more painful one on the opposite edge of my foot. The large one had been there for 10 years + and if anything slowly grown over this period. I’d been to the doctors (who told me it would go over time… it did not!) and tried various over the counter treatments that had little or no effect. Then I gained a wart on the top knuckle of my thumb followed by a new arrival starting further up my thumb – so before I became a walking wart… it was time for some serious warfare!

    So I went extreme and bought a Dremel Drill with a sanding drum attachment. I attached my thumb wart first and took it down as far as I could until it began bleeding. I then let it heal and then did it again – what I found is that over time it seemingly began to dry up until a final ‘sand’ took it away altogether. It left a white mark which has disappeared. The process took about 4 weeks and worked on my second wart and amazingly.

    I then moved onto my verrucas and yes I had the same success there. The smaller one was the most painful and as with my wart I took it down until bleed began. I then let it stop bleeding, heal and then went again and again. This continued until I couldn’t feel they were there on a daily basis – one last sand and they were gone for ever!

    I’m sure this would not be recommended by a doctor but I all I can do is share my experience and if you’ve got to a point where you’ve had enough… give it a go, it’s not that painful and could be just as effective for you!

    1. Been working on sons plantar warts. Tried apple cider vinegar peppermint oil tea tree oil crushed aspirin wd40 compound w and freezing. So far most effective has been a dremel tool and duct tape. Sand and debride heal and repeat till gone. Not fast but effective.

      1. I took my son to a dermatologist for a planters wart. They put blister beetle juice. It fell off within forty eight hours. It caused a big blister and the roots and all just came out in the blistered area. Apparently, it is a beetle that lives in the amazon. I’m sure you can find info on the internet.

  11. I just washed my planters wart (on the heal of my right foot)
    scrubbed it with an SOS pad soaked in apple cider vinegar
    and then covered it with duct tape. I’ve had it for about 2 years. It’s
    not painful but I can tell it’s large. I’ll repost with an update in the next
    week or so. Cheers!


  13. I have a wart on my big toe and I had it treated. But now it is itching like crazy does this mean it is healing?

  14. Here’s a way that I got rid of my wart:
    I had one earlier right on the ball of my foot. I thought it was some sort of callus, so i picked it open. I now had an open plantar wart with a black middle. I had the idea to shave it down. After that, I tried using medicated pads. I finally started using tweesers to pull out the tiny string-like things coming from it.After I had plucked the last one, my wart was gone, and no longer painful. This way is slighty painful, but not costly, and certainly effective.

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  16. Did the duct tape for one week and it worked so far. Immediately after putting on the duct tape I was able to walk on it again. It’s the bottom of the foot. It centralized the circle, made the middle dot prominent, then it came right out. But a big hole is now there. Put duct tape on again. Hope it fills in. Maybe Ill put some peroxide in it too.

  17. I have a planter wart, I had it cut out, it come back with a vengeance I tried the duct tape and after 2 weeks I was still In so much pain I went back to dr. He touched it and it started bleeding horrably.i can’t move my toes or walk it hurt so bad. Dr told me some people keep the wart their entire life is this true?

  18. I have had a Plantar Wart for 3 and 1/2 years. I personally went to the Doctor and he did freeze the wart on the bottom of my foot. It didn’t work at all. I am using the ACV treatment and it is really working. Not all cures for the same symptoms are going to work the same way for everyone.Try and use what works best for you is the Best Advice I can give.

  19. How I roll:
    *Apple cider vinegar – I use Bragg organic unfiltered,it still retains all of its natural enzymes.
    *Q-tips – I take the cotton swab off the ends and tape that directly over the yuck blob instead of using a huge freakin’ cotton ball. I’d like to be able to walk, I don’t need cotton ball stilts thanks.
    *Band aids – Put over the ACV soaked cotton swab.
    *Duct tape – tape over the whole affair with it. Best if done out of the shower when foot is probably as clean as it’s going to get but make sure your foot is dry otherwise good luck getting anything to adhere. The plantar’s wart does require oxygen starvation in order to aid in the wart murdering process. Duct tape is really good in that aspect.
    *Tea tree oil(optional but helpful!) helps soothe if you’re experiencing any pain but it is not a pain reliever as such…just soothes topically. Plus it is a natural antiseptic. Yippee!

    Keep exfoliating that son of a gun to help the ACV get in there and work to its fullest. Always, always, ALWAYS sanitize any utensils pre and post-op because these little dudes tend to spread like wildfire. Also, don’t let anyone else use them for whatever purpose, they spread to other people too.

    That being said^, I have had a plantar’s wart on the ball of my left foot for over 10 years now, about the size of a pencil eraser. It never really got any larger in diameter but I can tell it had grown deeper over time. Insidious bastard! Then last month, I noticed a smaller one pop up about an inch away from the original one. Since I’m one of those natural granola hippie type of people, I don’t take any chemical medicines so I decided to try to ACV treatment right off the bat. Within the first 24 hours, I could already tell a difference in the color, both of them got darker. I peeled off the top layer of skin to better expose the affected area and reapplied the ACV with the cotton swabs and duct tape. As the ACV (in conjunction with the oxygen starvation of the duct tape) really started to work, it DID become more painful but it is worth it. After the first 4 days, the newer, smaller one popped right out leaving a weird, surprisingly deep-ish “cookie cutter” hole in its place. The one that has been there for 10+ years is still a work in progress after a little over 2 weeks (DAILY TREATMENT)but there is definitely major progress.

    The holes that are left behind from these bad boys may totally weird you out at first, but just keep it clean like any other wound and still do the ACV to prevent any recurrences just don’t do the ACV as frequently since it can aggravate the fresh, tender skin that is trying to heal. But you still want to keep doing it on a semi-regular basis for 2 – 3 weeks even after the wart is gone, simply as a preventative measure to make sure it won’t come back. Because they will come back if you don’t follow the treatment all the way through to its end. However, if done correctly, chances are VERY good that it will stay away FOREVERRRR!!!.

    On another note, not everyone will experience pain with the ACV but if you do, know that it is normal. Plantar’s warts, or any warts in general create their own little nervous systems and veins and the more deeply embedded they are with your skin (depending on depth and how old they are)the more pain will be present as the ACV kills them off. Just keep on truckin’ and don’t give up. Some may take longer than others so don’t lose hope if you don’t see immediate results. Please don’t be dissuaded from trying this because of the potential pain factor. And seriously, I would only recommend going to the doctor to get an initial diagnosis but don’t let them convince you to cut, burn, freeze or otherwise. The success rates for these “treatments” are very low indeed and almost always the wart(s) will return and with a mighty vengeance!
    Don’t take just my word for it though, ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH to come to an educated, well informed conclusion for a treatment plan. I hope this long drawn out blah blah blah helps someone out there.

  20. I hear that learning how to spell can cure warts.

    Actually, I have used ACV and duct tape for plantar warts with 2 children and it seems to work within a week.

  21. best way is to freeze it with dry ice or liquid nitrogen !! as long as it freezes and kills the root it will be gone its a bit painful but in 15 mins and then you get a bubble like a burn !! after that just wait for it to dry and fall off and you are good

  22. I got rid of my finger warts with apple cider vinegar, i love this remedy, it helps against acne, too. 🙂

  23. obviously Dr Scholls is doing some buzz marketing for its Clear Away products.
    real slick there Dr. Scholls

  24. i have a plantar wart and it had a black spot and now the black is gone…does this mean it has fell out and will spread to someone else or is it going away?

  25. You people!…. READ THE WEBSITE YOU’RE POSTING ON! This page is all about how ACV works to destroy Plantars warts! TRUST ME… I am in the process as we speak, and believe me, IT WORKS! My Plantars wart has wreaked havoc on the ball of my right foot for nearly 6 years, tried Dr. Scholl’s freeze away, Salicylic Acid, you name it… the thing with ACV is that you MUST be diligent in applying it often as you can everyday(as the cotton will dry out) and if your wart is as deeply rooted as mine, be prepared for INTENSE pain… but that just means the wart is dying… it will turn black and disgusting… and you must keep applying the ACV until no sign of the wart is visible… or else it WILL come back to haunt you time and time again… GOOD LUCK!

  26. I “self-operated” on one I had back in sixth grade. You will need one hot/wet washcloth, one set of tweezers, and hydrogen peroxide/rubbing alcohol. Get skin around wart soft by marinating in hot wet washcloth. When wart is soft and nubby, dig into wart and pull out dark strings with tweezer. It’s not entirely painless, but depending on where it is, the pain is managable. There are several dark patches that make up the wart that grow in a string-like configuration. Once you have the dark strings pulled out as best as you can, douse with hydrogen peroxide until no more bubbling occurs. Then daily put on hydrogen peroxide and counter with rubbing alcohol until it dries up and heals. Remember, keep that foot dry and throw away your favorite shoes that you wear (a lot) without your socks!! 🙁 That’s where mine came from.

  27. Seems like plantar warts plague a lot of people, so I figured it was time for an update on the plantar wart pictured on this post. I sent off a message to my friend Pete asking him if the apple cider vinegar worked to remove his plantar wart. Here is his reply:

    “I switched to a mixture of salicylic acid and cider but yes it did go away, completely. No signs of it at all. I got the salicylic acid OTC and would apply it twice a day under the duct tape with a gauze soaked in cider. After 2-3 months it slowly started to dissipate and then one day when I pulled the tape off, the whole thing came off. It was a very slow process but it was the salicylic acid in the end which did the trick.”

  28. i have had a planters wart on my right big toe for years,it’s rite where u bend the toe(the wart is on the sole part of my toe) they have tried cryo-surgery,freezing it and acid,nothing is working and now it is so painful the whole foot on the left side of the rite foot hurts,so i made another appt to see the foot doc and i got a surprise call from mri,and he ordered an mri before he see’s me(wonder whats up with that?) mine acually bleeds now if u cut it to far,i clip it down cuz it will start sticking out of my foot,so does the apple cider vinager really work?

    1. ACV works depending on the size and depth of the wart and how patient you’re willing to be. I’ve used ACV successfully but only in small warts, I had a plantar wart for around 2 years that was super resistant, tried acid, freezing it off, laser, ACV and nothing worked. At the end surgery was the only thing that worked. So If I were you I would go to a foot surgeon if the wart is really bad as the one you’re describing.

  29. I had a total of 3 on my foot.I had 2 on the toes and one on the ball of my foot which was the most painful. I tried salicylic acid, I tried duct tape, I tried vinegar and aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, I even had the thing frozen off.

    The main one that was causing the most pain on the ball of my foot took 2 doctors visits to get it to go away and it was about a 7.5 on the pain scale.

    The other 2 were on my toes and they got treated the same way, but it didn’t work. It wasn’t as painful as the other one so I didn’t go to the doctor again and I just gradually shaved off the dead skin with a surgical knife and used a sterilized needed to remove the seeds. It was hands down painful when it started to get deep. It took me about 10-15 of these bathroom surgeries to get it all out bc I would hit some good skin and just start bleeding ( I did this bc 1. It was on my toe so it wasn’t as painful as a lot of yalls goin thru this and 2. I was determined to get rid of it.)

    You can kind of tell which seeds are the ones that are spreading around. Or you will know. This was probably stupid of me to do, and it took me about 6 months to completely get rid of it. Different things work for different people. However I would still always recommend a doctor before doing anything crazy like this broke college student did.

  30. i have had the same planters wart for almost 2 years. i have been using everything i can find. the clear away stuff hasn’t worked with 3 boxes, duct tape was a joke and the freeze stick things hasn’t shown any results either. i am going to try the vinegar and i saw something about garlic clove too. oh and whatever you do don’t try to cut it out yourself I’ve tried twice and it’s just painful and could get you an infection on top of the already annoying/painful wart.

  31. Ok I have noticed at wiki it said it is a HPV thing so I’m scared about it I don’t want cancer in my penis or anus

  32. Ok I have one plantar wart on my foot I’ve had it for more or less then 2 years about when I got into ms I’m 14 now and doing football and it hurts when I run a play so what can I do to remove it that is fast and pain less.


  33. Hey everybody. My son is currently suffering with two of these on his feet. God I can relate ….I suffered with the same thing at his age( he’s 12). I had a ring of them on my finger and I also had mulitple ones on my feet. The only way that I got rid of them was going to the dermatologist to have them burned off. Its a simple procedure that only takes a couple of minutes. Not the most comfortable thing but it usually works. Good luck to all of you that are trying some remedy. I wish you all the best in this frusterating battle.

  34. Hi Coop,
    I wish I could help you, but you will see almost everything I know about plantar warts here on this page! I’m learning from all the commenters as much as you are.

    What I can say, however, is that it’s never a bad idea to see a health care professional to make sure you have the correct diagnosis for something like this before beginning any course of treatment.

    Best of luck with your wart!

  35. hi. i donot know what to do!!
    i think i have a plantars wart on my foot but i am not shurrre. i remember having a humongus plantars wart on my heel when i was younger, so i still have t he virus in my blood, but i thimnk it might be a callus? How do you really tell? It said that if there is a black dot in there than it is, which i dont see, but i dont have very good eye site. Or if you pinch it snd it hurts than it is, it did kinda hurt. How do you tell???? i am on vacation and dont really want to go to a pedirotist, and i want to be really sure if it is so when i put treatment on it, that it is DEFINITLEY a wart:)



  36. I have 2 teenage boys that have had plantars warts on their feet. I took them to the doctor and HE said for me to put duct tape on it. The only time they didn’t have duct tape on their feet was when they took a shower. One son’s came out completely in about 3 weeks, the other took about 6 weeks because it was so deep. They never came back. It works, but you have to do it just like that.

  37. Ok I think I finally got rid of my nasty plantar wart. I used doctor scholl’s discs but it was to inconvenient because of my competitive soccer and high school track and just walking around in general-the discs just fell off within the first hour or so. I went to the doctor and he froze it but nothing happened. He also told me about an alternative for freezing them off. He said to take a soak your foot in warm water until it is soft and use a razor to shave off the hard callus like skin above the wart. Meanwhile place a single aspirin tablet on a plate and put a few drops of water on it. It will turn into a paste. Apply the pate to the freshly shaven wart and bandage tightly. Do this every day until it disappears. Well I wasn’t so patient and I was angry with the freezing stuff not working. So my dad went to an electronic store and bought component cooler. It comes in a can with a nozzle. I found a small funnel and my dad carefully froze that sucker every other day and it has disappeared!!! I am very happy with my success and hope it will work for you too!

  38. ummm nickell….. you cant get a plantar wart on anywhere on your body except your foot i have a bad plantar wart and plantar is the scientific name for foot.

  39. Hi- I have a plantars wart on my finger and it has been there for about over 1 yr now. I’ve been to the Dr.’s twice and have been duct tapping it every day for about 6 months, tried acid, tried freezing, nothing worked. I’ve come to the conclusion that I must change my diet to boost my immune system (antioxidants/herbs) and do a total body cleansing to rid myself of toxins. After all, it is a virus I’m fighting, not something to scrape away and never to return. LET’S FIGHT THE VIRUS!!!! Are you with me?

  40. I am currently battling a staggering 6 plantars in total, 3 on each foot. I’ve found a method that is really working for me. You need to be patient. I’m using Dr. Scholls Clear Away Plantar pads, and using athletic medical tape to hold them in place. Once a week or so I soak my feet for about 30 min, then remove the dead skin the acid has killed. This is an ideal option for people who don’t want to freeze or go under the knife.

    Freezing won’t get rid of warts, and is particularly bad on plantars, as they are so deep in the foot. The Clear Away plantar pads are more effective then a liquid treatment, as they are 40% acid. For a smaller or common wart, I’d recommend Duofilm. It will get plantar warts, it just takes a lot longer. Persistence is the key here people! You have to give the acid a chance to work. Instant treatments like cutting the wart out hurts, and it hurts even more if the wart just comes back.

  41. I have a large planters wort in the ball of my foot. I am so aggravated with it. I have tried everything anyone tells me to try. I have also seen a podiatrist and he froze it and burned it and it only took two weeks to come back again. I don’t know what else to try. Here is what I’ve done. Fresh garlic directly on it for 24 hours. Shaved it and freeze it daily. Dr scholls wart removal. Vinegar etc. If anyone has a better idea please email me. I am willing to try anything. I’ve had this for 4 years.

  42. My daugher (8yrs) has a painful grouping of spots with black dots on the sole of her foot. at first we thought it was some kind of fungus and were using antifungal sprays. We’re pretty sure now that it’s a plantar wart and are going to try the Dr. Scholl’s and see how it goes.

  43. I once got what looks like a planter wart. I thought it was nothing, just an allegergy. But after a month or so, a whole bunch of the planter warts came up, I tried Coumpound W but it didn’t work. Then it jumped to my other foot. How i don’t know.

    Please help me, I really need it!!

  44. I have this plantar wart and it is super painful and I play competitive soccer so I need it to go away quickly!!! I have been using those little disc things by doctor scholl’s for about five days and all that is happening is that the skin inside the wart hole is dying. I think I will try it for a few more days than try something new. I really don’t want to get it surgically removed but If this disc thing doesn’t work I will have to! Does anyone have any advice for quick and painless removal?

    Please help!

  45. hello, i like to said i have one of does PLANTER WART and is very pain full to walk around the house you feel like needle are getting under your feet is very unconfort and i was under the impresion the i was steping on a nail at the beguining but i was dead wrong , i buy this amazing medication on a near drug store name CLEAR AWAY by DR SCHOOL it came in small amount of dose with round small bandaid i used for about 10 days and the Planter Wart is gone like never have one is very good i recomended a 100 percent this ,even in the intruction said if you have diabetes do not use ,well guess what i have diabetes for about 5 years now and nothing happen to me ,so this product is very good to me . that my Opinion above this wonderfull product . post data . Consult your doctor if you have diabetes before use this product alway play safety. Sammy Salsa USA

  46. I’m trying a method I read about, covering the wart with the inside of a fresh pineapple or lemon peel over several nights until it’s gone. Worth a try and quite easy to cover the wart, just putting a bandaid over the peel!

    Earlier I tried with tee tree oil, which I heard helped some. But I had a hard time covering it since I didn’t have duct tape;)

  47. Need to get rid of the black seeds and the warts will die. You people who keep getting them back are getting them in a public shower, your shower or some place where you are walking around barefoot. Need to wear flip flops at the gym shower. Kids get them at school gym lockerroom and public pools, waterparks etc…

  48. I have two plantar warts that I can visibly see, many smaller hard type ones with no black spot on ohter part of my feet. The big one has some how jumped to my big toe and is the size of a pea, I shaved it down with a disposable razor and applied industrial grade vinegar 60% acidity to it, it seemed to have died back not sure if it has gone, i still see the black spots and they seem to have multiplied in the spot of this one toe wart. then i have the big one at the ball of my feel that i have used everything and nothign works including derma doctor recommened stuff. It seems to be spreading now as I am now seeing new black speds near the big wart and it is resembling the mosiac wart type. I am upset as I have been battling a year now with this. my doc saiy cutting out is useless as it will come back. why isnt this high acidity grade vinegar working?

  49. Hello, I got a Plantar Wart on the inside of my foot (near the heel and the arch in your foot), and my mom went to the local Drug-Store and bought this thing called “Clear Away” it’s made by Dr. Schools, i’ve had this wart for close to 3 months not doing anything, then she bought this, so i used it and the wart was gone in 11 days! it was a MIRACLE!!!

    It comes with this little medicated pads and a cushoning pad that allows you to be more comfortable, and it also holds the medicated pad on firm so you can get the most out of it, this really works! you all should try it!


  51. I have a bunch of planter warts and the salicylic acid treatment only spread them and made more. so I guess I’ll try the vinigar treatment and hope for the best!

  52. 2 of my children had plantar warts, one that turned into a mosiac wart. The mosiac wart we had to use DCP (prescribed by a dermatologist). It took a couple of months of daily treatments to work. The second was just one wart. We treated it with the “Wart Stick” and then wrapped it with athletic tape for 24 hrs and retreated every day for 3 weeks and now it’s gone. The “Wart Stick” we purchased at Walgreens for $4. The key to both was to use it EVERYDAY.

  53. Oooh No!! I stepped on a glass piece a month back and now it grown as a wart.. I met the dermotologist she gave two options

    1. Remove it with small procedure (surgical)
    2. Apply acid for couple of weeks so it gets removed.

    I chosed the second option she gave Duofilm and Salicure *12 now.. Let me see the result after couple of weeks..

  54. Well at first I thought that is some kind of worm and I started disinfecting my both feet with a Potassium Permanganate solution and then when my feet were dry, I would put BIVACINE (antibiotic), dermal powder on the spots. But I did it only two days in the morning and in the evening before I went to bed, but due to my lifestyle I didn’t have time to continue the therapy. But sure it started working, because the “spots” started to fade away…
    I am trying the vinegar “experiment” so if it does not work I will try again with the dermal powder.


  55. I had three planter warts cut out, after they healed 1 came bk, and i got 2 more in a different spot! My foot doctor said you can have them cut out BUT it does not mean it kills the virus 🙁 So i tryed it and sure enough he was right, did not work, nor the freezing they tried 5 times as well, laser surgery is left as a option but very pricey 🙁 Tryed duct tape but it kills all your good skin around the wart because its not think skin like the planter wart. So all that did was rub my skin rare and painful all around the wart. the tape don’t stick to the wart itself:( So as u c its a pain in the foot! Anyone have any other ideas?

    1. Try “Aspirin”… It has “Salicylic Acid” in it. The thing I am getting at is that the acid slowly kills the wart…

      Steps: (If you want to try)
      1. put Ductsurgical tape around the area of the wart, leaving it exposed,
      2. make white powder out of one Aspirin,
      3. sprinkle the “Aspirin powder” on the wart,
      4. cower the wart with duct/surgical tape…

  56. I have a plantars wart (diagnosed by my doctor) Actually I had 4. 3 of them were bunched up together on the ball of my foot, and they are gone now because I opened it and put alcahol on it, but i still have a VERY painful one. I may be skipping a couple days of school as my toe hurts so much. It is a white circle with a hole-ish thing in the middle with cracked, dead skin. UGH! I had cryosurgery done but it’s still there. Should I get it removed with surgury???

    1. My sister had three plantar warts on her foot and her doctor told her what I thought was a strange treatment. Get wart ointment from the store and put duct tape over it. Apparently there is something in the adhesive that kills the wart in the root. It will take about two weeks, but it was a success. Now I have a wart on my wrist, it isn’t a plantar wart, but duct tape is working fine so far. 🙂

  57. I think I have a planter wart but I am not sure. Is it possible for something like lent in the bottom of your shoe rubbing against your skin to cause one? That is what I think happened to me. I have tried to use one of those foot stones to peel it off but I still feel it there. I think that I will try the vinegar thing and see if it works…I just want to know if I should toss the shoes just in case the virus is in there.

  58. Hi Patti,

    There’s no substitute for getting an official diagnosis if you are unsure of what something is.

    When my daughter was 1, she had a circular patch on her leg which I was sure was ringworm, having had it myself and it had appeared similar. I was all set to treat her with an anti-fungal when the pediatrician urged me to bring her in. I did and learned that kids her age don’t get ringworm (it won’t take until around 3 years for some reason) and what she had was excema instead, which doesn’t need an anti-fungal!

    Once you know for sure what it is, you can move ahead with different treatment modalities of your choosing.

    Thanks for reading!

  59. I just realized my son (age 7) has 2 of these planter worts… he has an appointment tomorrow for the doctor to look at them, but after looking at some pictures, I am sure that is what they are. Should I still go to the dr? or just follow some advice from on line and try to get rid of them ourselves?

  60. Well,

    after the wart that finally left my son’s foot, no others came back but it was so horrible.

    Everyone has a treatment but like I said in the blog above; the only thing that did it was to cover it and get antibiotics from the doctor…. It destroyed the sucker… right down to the root leaving a giant hole in the side of the foot which took weeks to “fill in” or heal if you will.
    The body healed it with the anitbiotic BOOST that my kid too.

    Thank God– his shoe could not fit anymore because the wart had gotten so big (wide and tall)

  61. Ok Can someone help!! I’ve tried everyhting. The ACV did a tap but not like i need. Now i’m getting a little one on my other foot.. Please Sent e-mail help.Thanks…

  62. Hi Lila,

    Wow- that’s quite a story. I’ve never heard of a wart spontaneously filling up with water before. This, and the fact that warts are viral and antibiotics treat bacteria but helped in this case, leads me to question whether it was indeed a wart in the first place.

    Regardless, I’m glad he is better now!

  63. my son had a vicious wart on the side of his foot; we tried everything. He didn’t fit into his shoe because it was growing from the side….. Finally after the thing got so big and so painful and full of water… we decided to try something new. We ran to the doctor and asked for penicilin/anitibiotics… In a few hours, the wart started to expand as the body’s natural immune system sent white blood cells to the site. Needless to say in less than one day, the thing burst, releasing not just gross puss (white blood cells) but literally the wart had physically disattached itself from the foot leaving a large hole! You cannot imagine the relief… WHAT a relief!!!!!

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