Pasta Salad

Pasta salad
Pasta salad

I was looking for a quick and easy recipe to throw together for dinner and remembered my old standby, cold pasta salad.

Truthfully, cold pasta salad would never have occurred to me had I not spent a year in Italy living with two Italian-American cousins. They knew things about pasta that I had never conceived, and this was one of them.

This evening, I prepared a package of whole wheat rotitini in boiling water, then drained and rinsed with cold water until the noodles were cold. I added fresh spinach leaves, tomatoes and fresh basil from my garden, black olives, feta cheese crumbles, and a can of drained chick peas. Then I tossed the whole thing with an Italian salad dressing (I like Annie’s Naturals, as always!).

Dinner couldn’t have been easier or more delicious out on the patio after a 90+ degree day. And you know how I love the one-dish dinner concept! This is a great contribution to a potluck, too.

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