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Oat-based Aussie Bites Are Treats for the Gluten-free Soul

It was a pleasant surprise to find a new gluten-free cookie in the random Basher’s grocery store in the downtown of little Carefree, Arizona, but that’s where I encountered these delicious little nuggets called “Aussie Bites,” from Best Express Foods in Hayward, California.

Aussie Bites are based on the Australian anzac biscuits, but these have to be the tastiest version I’ve ever tried.

Yummy gluten-free Aussie Bites are a treat any time of the day.

With an ingredients list based in whole grain rolled oats, oat flour, unsalted butter, sugar, honey, raisins, apricots, sunflower kernels, flax seeds, and shredded coconut, I could only be happier if everything was organic as well.

It looks like you can purchase Aussie Bites at various stores including Costco.


16 Comments on “Oat-based Aussie Bites Are Treats for the Gluten-free Soul

  1. There is a recipe for making your own so you can be sure they are gluten free using GF oats. They are delicious.

  2. I bought the aussie bites at my local costco. There is no expiration date listed anywhere on the packaging. please advise.

    1. The expiration date is on the lid. I take off the lid and hold it up to a window so I can read the expiration date more easily.

  3. Love these but I don’t understand why they don’t include cinnamon in the ingredients? I sprinkle my own cinnamon & they taste even better.

  4. Unfortunately these are not gluten free. While they don’t list wheat as an ingredient, they also don’t claim to be gluten free. I tried one and had a horrible reaction. Most likely the oats contain wheat from one source or another. I’m quite disappointed as it’s the bready things I miss the most.

    1. Oats are NOT gluten free unless they are certified GF oats. They pack oats in barrels with wheat so they don’t stick together. Also mixed crops. Please take this post down before you make someone sick.

    2. Thanks for posting, I was wondering if they were GF. Sorry you had to discover the hard way but I truly appreciate you sharing your experience to help myself and others.

  5. I have a couple of questions about the Aussie Bites:

    #1. Do they need to be refrigerated after opening, to maintain freshness? I saw no preservatives listed in the ingredients.

    #2. I went on the Best Express Foods website, and cannot find this product listed. It seems to be a company which makes school lunches.

    Thanks for your website. I shall return.

    1. Hi all!
      I do too love Aussie Bites!! I get mine from Costco and Sprouts.
      To answer your question.

      1. It does not need to be refrigerated. This product has a long self-life. There’s not enough moisture in the product for it get moldy and go bad quickly.
      But you can refrigerate if you like.

      2. I did too look up the website. The Best Express Website you might have looked up is for a different company.

      I looked up their facebook:

      I also like that they now have organic aussie bites

      Hope I was helpful

  6. Hi, Elizabeth – I agree with you, Aussie Bites are absolutely delicious and a reasonably healthy treat, if you can stop at one or two! The ingredient list of the Aussie Bites I buy at a North Denver suburban Costco also specify oat flour, rather than whole wheat flour in them, but I always check the label carefully. It appears the recipe can vary. I have also found them at a Fort Collins, Colorado, Sprouts Farmers Market (smaller quantity, more expensive for the each). Those with celiac disease may not want to eat them, as the oats and oat flour are not certified gluten-free.

    (Also, the store in Carefree, Arizona, is probably a Bashas’, not Basher’s. I shop there when I visit my parents.)


  7. I’m sorry but these are definitely not gluten-free for two reasons: the oats are not certified gluten free and the flour is unspecified whole grain. This is most definitely gluten-full :/

    1. I think you mis-read the ingredient list in the post. It says “whole grain rolled oats”, not “unspecified whole grain.” Also, oats are naturally gluten-free; the certification is an extra assurance that they were not anywhere near wheat during packaging to be exposed to stray gluten molecules that might have been in the air or on the milling machinery. Unless you are highly, highly sensitive to gluten, regular oats are fine to eat as a gluten-free food.

      Thanks for reading!

    2. Estkimo, I believe you are correct on this issue. I have Celiac Disease, so I can’t have any gluten. However, I love oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, etc. So I now buy GF oats from either Bob’s Red Mill or Trader Joes. While oats do not contain gluten per se, the can pick it up if they are processed on equipment where grains containing gluten were processed and they can even pick up gluten if they are grown on land where gluten contain grains were grown. As a result, to be truly GF, oats must be grown on land where no gluten crops have grown before and they must processed in GF plants. I have accidentally eaten non-certified GF oats a couple of times and and paid dearly for it.

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