1. gg at |

    I buy empty capsules and fill with turmeric and black pepper. You don’t have to worry about taste.

  2. […] you tried turmeric milk? It is an amazingly potent anti-inflammatory. Start with high quality turmeric (I buy it and black […]

  3. Kelly DeAngelis at |

    Elizabeth suggested a Turmeric anti-inflammatory receipt for my MS hug. This drink worked as well if not better than any prescription medication that I have taken in the past without the side effects. I would strongly recommend this anti-inflammatory treatment.

  4. nikki at |

    I’ve been taking turmeric & black pepper supplement for about 6 months. My recent eye checkup was 20/20 vision! I don’t nrrd glasses anymore!

    1. robin at |

      are you taking powder or pills and if so what?
      what do u mean by peppercorn sup?
      pls say that name and where u get it too

  5. Jennifer at |

    Hi Elizabeth,
    I have been looking online for recipes for the golden milk… my sister was reading that the tumeric needs to be made into a paste with water and heated on the stove…then stirring constantly for at least 8 minsutes for the benefits of tumeric to be active. Have you heard of this? I have made the paste (very easy to add to the warm almond milk) and add honey to sweeten. I will have to add the ginger to my paste! My question is: Can you have too much? I am drinking only 1 cup now but think I will be having another at night….would a 3rd at lunch be too much? I have been adding tumeric to my chicken dishes too….

  6. Margaret OBrien at |

    1 TBSP Tumeric to a cup of milk? I tried something similar once (my GP suggested it as a maintenance thing after my breast cancer treatment) and found it so horribly bitter I couldn’t drink it (and yes, I did reach for the agave nectar to try and make it palatable but still wound up dumping it down the sink). Maybe warming the milk makes a difference (and it was milk milk, not soy or whatever). I admit I didn’t measure it, but I’m pretty sure I had less than a tbsp of tumeric to probably more than 8 oz. of milk. Should probably give it another go (sigh).

  7. Abi at |

    Safe for lactating Moms?


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