1. Chris at |

    Hi Brianna, I usually do meal paninnlg on Sunday nights, but of course you could pick any day. I plan the whole week out using my trusty Good Housekeeping cookbook, my cherished recipe box, and the Internet. I love ethnic and exotic foods, too. There are tons of Indian dishes that are vegetarian. Also stir-fry is great and you can make that totally vegetarian and even add tofu. Fry up some extra firm tofu in oil in the wok first, then after it’s nice and browned, add your veggies. My parents used to be vegetarian for the first few years of my life, and even after that rarely ate red meat. When we did have meat it was chicken or fish. I am similar with my family now. Anyways, I can come up with several more ideas if you want me to…just email me or something!

  2. David Haas at |

    Hi I’m David! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog!


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