1. Saura at |

    I like your idea for cleaning stainless steel food storage, makes me want to buy it for my sister 🙂

  2. Kathleen at |

    I am using plastic storage containers that will be 25 years old this summer. I must confess that I have also used plastic carry out containers from the grocery store. The items I store frequently include vegetables and soft cereals for my Mother who is now 89 years old, has a tiny appetite, and requires daily care! If I win these storage containers, I would be thrilled and will happily make good use of them!

  3. Ronnie Moore at |

    Still using plastic for storage containers. It would be great to start replacing them with stainless steel.

  4. Natalie Monroe at |

    I have been using glass, but I’d use these to send my husband’s lunch to work. He’s in the Navy and working on a ship right now. I’m always afraid that he’ll break my expensive glass containers.

  5. Rachel at |

    I’m getting completely away from plastics and going to glass/pyrex/metal w/ plastic lids. This giveaway is a fantastic idea!

  6. J. at |

    I am also getting rid of my plastic storage containers. The best I have is my ceramic bowls with plastic wrap. Not ideal for anything but i am limiting the contact of my food with plastic

  7. Becka at |

    Along with the glass water bottle I take to work I usually have glass lunch containers – salad, dressing, veggies & protein, sometimes cut up fruit, small amount nut butter…..gets very heavy!

  8. Mary O'Hara at |

    Everything I could. I am trying to get rid of our plastic and finding substitutes in the right sizes is difficult. But the biggest help would be with for my 95 year old mother who eats only small amounts. We make food just for her but give her only a small amount of it and have to store the rest. And then there are the times when we have just a little left over from our meal that could be used for her but no non plastic containers small enough. So we end up throwing it out. That small one looks ideal for that.


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