1. Aadila at |

    Hi i would like to know if you could please help me.

    I have read a story about a pregnant women having lasteria while pregnant i would like to know if i am at risk.

    I have a juicer which i did not use in about 4 months, i being 22 weeks preganat decided to juice, i rinsed the juicer and noticed brown gunk in the juicer i thought that if i rinse it with dishwashing liquid the germs will die and it will be fine to drink since the brown gunk didnt want to go away.

    I than juiced and drank the juice. 

    When i looked through the nossel of the juicer there was a whole lot of thick buildup of brown gunk, so the juice had to flow through there to get into the glass that i drank.

    I would like to know does this put me at risk of having an infection while pregnant?? 

  2. Rinjani at |

    One of the most crucial ways of syintag healthy is influenced by our diet, specifically the products we choose to consume. I strongly believe that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should receive more funding from the government in order to guarantee the high quality and safety of our food supply. I feel safer knowing that the foods I eat will not harm my body due to the thorough inspections it underwent before packaging for distribution. The outbreak of Listeria, a fatal foodborne illness originally found in cantaloupe, is a key concern for consumers nationwide as people continue to fall victims to the contaminated fruit. I think the government should focus on correcting current issues and weaknesses in the food system because what is the point of worrying about future problems when we can attempt to fix the ones we have? It is shocking that one in six people become ill from foodborne illnesses each year, and to think I’ve been so naive believing that I was invulnerable to illnesses pertaining to food. Recently I’ve been reading food labels and trying to be more attentive about the preparation and consumption of the foods I eat because of my values of health and education. Although this type of news can cause panic and lead to other myths about certain fruits, the public should be aware of both the health benefits and risks of food products.

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