1. Tami at |

    I’ve been shopping @ WHOLE foods for years for my ORGANIC FRUITS, VEGGIES ETC. & yet I still find myself scraping large amounts of WAX FROM MY GRANNY SMITH APPLES SMH!!!! IDK any more if it’s safe to eat ORGANIC some times!!!!

    1. Meraj at |

      The wax is for making the product more desirable to look at, you should always wash your fruits and greens properly

  2. mark at |

    UPC codes ARE NOT the same as PLU codes. Your post does not tell me how to know from a UPC if the product is organic.

  3. […] How to read UPC codes for organic produce | Elizabeth Yarnell … – How to read UPC codes for organic produce. Posted on April 16, 2012 in Nutrition in the news | 414 Views | Leave a response. … (GMO) just by looking for the 8 at the beginning of the PLU code. Here’s what the Organic Food Coupons Blog has to say about it: […]

  4. kelsey donnell at |

    The UPC code on my “biologique Organic Fuji” apple is 94131. Should I assume, then, that it is not truly organic? According to your example and discussion, the “8” for GMO is no longer used, and the “4131” is conventional. So …. what does this number mean? Thanks for publishing this information.

    1. dknight at |
  5. jan mcgaffey at |

    i can not hardly believe how the government is decieving people into believing that the FDA i worth a crap they are the ones hindering this country by the lies they try to tell us… i was watching anderson cooper the other day and this mom and dad had a little girl who has a health issue and the parents found something that could help there girl and the FDA steped in and said that they did not think it was a good idea to make this call to give it to her… who the hell are they..and also since they have been giving this to there daughter she is much better and not to mention that this has also been found that it will also help with the recovery in aids.. i believe it is some form of sugar.. thank you for this web site…jan


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