1. Marion Paul at |

    I was introduced to Elizabeth six years ago by phone when a mutual friend told me about her MS research and Leap program. After contacting her, she worked with me, again via phone and suggested trying to eliminate all foods that we found out that caused inflamation. I had my blood drawn and collected a large container of urine and sent them off to a specific lab that examined them. About two weeks later a booklet arrived that acknowledged all food that were specific to me that indeed would cause inflammation and cause MS flare ups.
    After staying on this program
    now for almost six years, my MS is in remission and my neurologist is simply overwhelmed. I never took any drugs for MS that he wanted me to take because after reading all the side effects that Avonex caused, I refused to start any treatment with drugs. That’s when I was introduced to Elizabeth and my life took a big turn!
    My MS flare ups dissipated and I continue with the Leap
    Program. I feel truly lucky to have found a way to work in a natural way to help this disease and not injectvmy body with drugs that can make a person feel awful for the larger part of each week until the next dose of Avonex was to be administered.
    This program might not work for everyone with MS, but I have relapsing remitting MS that is now called benign with few or next to no flare ups. I am able to do six instense work outs weekly ( Step, Step sculpt with weights, two workouts with a trainer , Zumba and Piloties ). I know this as well is helping my disease.
    Just wanted to reach out and let people know that if they contact Elizabeth Yarnell, she can focus on each person and discuss if the Leap program would or might help them.
    I am so very thankful to her !
    With gratitude, Marion Paul

  2. james Michaux at |

    I need help with my diet for MS

  3. Jan Patenaude, RD, CLT at |

    Wonderful work Elizabeth! Proud to have been able to mentor you in this wonderful work!


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