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  2. Ima Mclees at |

    heay fever is bad i always take antihistamines to manage it.^

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  3. Dakota Jane at |

    I did this sort of method 2 years ago, except a took 1/8 of tsp every 10 minutes for about 1 hour. And haven’t had any hayfever episodes since. But I also unfiltered honey from a local grower. Thanks for posting this. Again … be careful to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

  4. […] first line of offense is the locally collected bee pollen I find in the refrigerated section of my local Vitamin Cottage. (Check with your local health food […]

  5. Abi at |

    This is very cool! Why is it that the bee pollen is so effective — do bees produce a natural antihistamine or something?


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