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Hayfever remedies: Bee pollen

I mentioned the beginning of my hayfever remedies last week, but I didn’t get a chance to tell you about the discovery that has changed my life with allergies: bee pollen!

Specifically, locally-collected bee pollen.

Bee pollenDuring allergy seasons (for me, it’s spring flowering trees and late summer grasses through the first frost), I mix a teaspoon of the bee pollen granules into a few ounces of juice or water and drink it in the morning.

It’s truly amazing.

I don’t have to walk around carrying a box of tissues. I don’t sneeze uncontrollably every 5 minutes. And I don’t have to resort to chronic use of antihistimines, like I used for years before I went natural.

Not that I don’t sneeze these days. I do. Not that I don’t blow my nose this spring. I do. But my eyes aren’t itchy, my nose isn’t red and swollen, and my brain doesn’t have that fuzzy, allergy-ridden feeling where it’s hard to concentrate on anything beyond basic survival.

My state has two main zones: a mountainous, high-country region, and flat plains. My city is on the edge of the plains, so I got bee pollen collected from just east of us, on the plains. Before my next trip to the mountains, I will start taking some bee pollen from that region to build up my defenses.

I found my locally-collected bee pollen in the refrigerated section of my local Vitamin Cottage (a health food grocery store). Always try one or two granules first, to test for any allergic reaction, before committing to a large amount. And never give bee pollen or honey to children under 1 year old as they could get very sick.

6 Comments on “Hayfever remedies: Bee pollen

  1. I did this sort of method 2 years ago, except a took 1/8 of tsp every 10 minutes for about 1 hour. And haven’t had any hayfever episodes since. But I also unfiltered honey from a local grower. Thanks for posting this. Again … be careful to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction.

  2. This is very cool! Why is it that the bee pollen is so effective — do bees produce a natural antihistamine or something?

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