1. […] it sounds like your oven temp is off. Please read this post for more about using an oven thermometer to verify the temperature in your oven is at 450 degrees F before putting your Glorious One-Pot Meal […]

  2. […] however, just be sure to compensate for the automatic temperature drop. Your best bet is to place a stand-alone oven thermometer in the oven to ensure you have the correct temp before inserting your Dutch […]

  3. Elizabeth Yarnell at |

    Raven- I get the best results when I use par-boiled “instant” brown rice. This is often sold as “Boil-in-a-bag” brown rice. It works perfectly with a 1-to-1 ratio of rice to liquid in GOPMs.
    Happy cooking!

  4. The Raven at |

    I too have had trouble with the kind of white rice I was using–so I’m planning to try a more basic kind of rice next. And soaking the grains sounds like a great idea!

    But I would MUCH prefer to use brown rice. I can just cook it separately–but I’d love to hear any tricks folks have found.

  5. Cheryl at |

    Elizabeth, I am a big fan of both your book and your blog. However, I have to say that I do have an oven thermometer and I have also had times when my rice didn’t cook. I don’t know why, but it was very frustrating. The next time, I soaked the rice a bit while I was chopping veggies, then drained the rice and then it seemed to cook better. I am thinking that maybe it’s the kind of rice I was using or something? I was using an organic basmati rica and your recipe just called for white rice, so maybe that was it?

  6. Emily Cotler at |

    My oven is definitely not at what it says it is. AND it’s convection. So I have no idea. While I am in the middle of home construction and have no time, I simply stopped cooking. It was simply easier to stop cooking than to try to recalibrate an oven for which I have no manual. Tonight we had lavash sandwiches for dinner with steamed veggies. My four-year-old made her own. Super fun.

    But I bought an oven thermometer. I simply have yet to use it. When I do use my oven I religiously watch the food. It’s exhausting.

    I also bought several copies of Elizabeth’s cookbooks as holiday gifts this year. Just because I am too lame in the kitchen right now doesn’t mean anyone else is! As soon as life calms down, I want my one-pot back!

  7. Becky at |

    How disappointing to see something like that out there.

    My oven is 50 degrees too hot. I didn’t know there was a way to fix it beyond major surgery so I just set the dial 50 degrees cooler than I need. It also heats more strongly in the back left area so I try to keep cookie sheets/pans/etc. out of that area.

    Getting the oven replaced would be a good solution. But I’m a renter. 🙂

    I for one like your book. I feel sorry for that other person… Perhaps she should have considered the oven or her cooking skill before knocking the book!

  8. Julie Bonner at |

    My husband used to be in the military and after living in dozens of different houses, I found out that oven temp was a huge issue for meals turning out right. I bought one of those oven thermometers and could not believe how off some of them were. It really does make a difference!

  9. Abi at |

    Sometimes I get the feeling that my oven is heating things unevenly — that maybe one side gets hotter than the other. Is that something you have experienced in the past?


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