1. Tony at |

    I don’t know about all this. I have been drinking cow’s milk and eating cow’s cheese since I was a kid. (I am now 65). I have never had any problem with them.
    Last night a had a little bit of goat cheese and it gave me abdominal cramps and today I still having a gnawing in my belly. It’ll probably all go away within 24 hrs. But, if goat’s cheese is supposed to more digestible, why the discomfort? I have never had cramps with cow’s milk.

  2. Dreg Navarro at |

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  3. […] for gluten and cow’s milk proteins, which her family cannot digest, she discovered the benefits of goat’s milk. “Making cheese enhanced the nutrition from goat’s milk,” she says. […]

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  5. sane at |

    Nice. Yeah I heard Goats milk has alkaline properties in it, with more protein and calcium. They say the structure of Goats milk is more similar to human’s milk than a cows milk is. Cows milk is absolutely horrible for you, even if you aren’t lactose sensitive. For those of you who are wondering why they are effected by certain cheeses as that still has no lactose in it. That is because most people who think they have a lactose problem actually have a milk allergy. So what happens is the milk itself irritates your digestive tract. It also can cause diabetes and high blood pressure. If cows milk isn’t settling well with you, try goat milk or soy milk. And if none of those work try rice milk, which unfortunately isn’t nearly as high in protein and calcium as the above.

  6. Cameron at |

    I became lactose intolerant around 14, since then if I have anything even made with milk ingredients I get bad symptoms. If I am that intolerant, am I still able to have goats milk without hurting me?

  7. Evangeline at |

    I’m also lactose-intolerant. What a lof of people don’t know is that Dutch cheese doesn’t contain any lactose! I’m lucky because I’m from Holland, but I’m sure that everyone can get “gouda” somewhere close to them.

  8. M. Goat at |

    Hey, there is no lactose in cheese, whether from cow milk or goat milk or any other. The whole point of making cheese is to separate the curd (= cheese-to-be) from the whey, and all the lactose goes with the whey.

    Enjoy your Cheddar.

    1. Mr Correction at |

      Yes it does.

    2. Dianna at |

      That’s the traditional way to make cheese. Most big companies don’t separate the curd from the whey anymore, they just add stuff to the milk, that causes it to form whatever end product they’re after (I can’t remember what they add, a google search would tell you. The additive is different for each type of cheese- ricotta, cheddar, mozzarella, etc…)

  9. Chantal at |

    Try Daiya(sp?) cheese or earth balance butter! I can NOT eat any dairy products and these two products have made my diet much more enjoyable…and easier!
    Soy cheese is the worst for me hands down.

    1. Tigger at |

      I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who found soy cheese so intolerable too. I have had great success with fresh mozzarella – can’t locate where i first read about it, but it’s a lifesaver for making pizza!

  10. Leonel Giron at |


  11. Conrad Grumney at |

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    1. Captain Grammar at |

      That doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense.

  12. […] pasta, Rudi’s Organic Bakery spelt bread and tortillas, cheddar cheese made from goat milk, coconut oil, rice-and-potato pizza crust, high-fructose-corn-syrup-free chocolate syrup, coconut […]

  13. Laundry Bag at |

    i was born with lactose intolerance and i can’t eat cheese without having an upset stomach ;`:

  14. LED Torch  at |

    my sister was born with lactose intolerance and she can’t even take more than a glass of milk;*`

    1. Messi at |

      with celiac, you are lluaatcy at an advantage b/c you’re forced to eat they way we are all supposed to. bread products are not natural. even whole grain’ bread doesn’t come from a tree. it’s processed and our body doesn’t know how to digest it correctly. you learn that you don’t have to have cereal and pancakes for breakfast .eggs, bacon, vegetables, fruit, proteins . it’s also a lot cheaper. those gluten free products are expensive!!

  15. Joshua Taylor at |

    my sister has lactose intolerance and she can’t stand drinking too much milk”*”

  16. Bailey Jenkins at |

    i also have lactose intolerance that is why i always avoid dairy products.’:-

  17. Tarrin P. at |

    Don’t forget about Laloo’s–delicious goat’s milk ice cream! I’m not lactose-intolerant, but I still love it.


    1. Pri at |

      Hi CarolineI have been on a gluten free diet for 7 years and befroe I went gluten free I had a lot of stomach pain and it was even uncomfortable walking. The relief I felt going gluten free was amazing and free of discomfortness. I have also gone lactose free in last 6 months and the change has been brilliant. I have so much more energy. I had blood tests and nothing showed up. If you feel better on a gluten and dairy free diet then go with it and there are so many options available now that it is so much easier. Weatherspoons are excellent for understanding special diets and do a wonderful gluten free apple and raspberry crumble. Stick with it.Jane


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