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Gluten-free Frozen Pizza Crust To Recommend

Although we are not a “gluten-free” household per se, we are a “wheat-free” household, and as such are always looking for delicious alternatives to favorite wheat products. We’ve tried a number of wheat-free/gluten-free frozen pizza crusts in our quest to keep the joys of eating pizza in our lives. So far, this one has become a favorite.

With just two ingredients, potatoes and rice, Nature’s Hilights Brown Rice Pizza Crust is allergy-friendly for a lot of people, not just the gluten-intolerant, but those avoiding yeast, dairy, eggs, corn, and tapioca, too.

Find this pizza crust in the frozen pizza section of your natural foods store. Be sure to follow the instructions for preparing the crust exactly as written to get the best crust with the right ratio of chewiness to crunchiness. It should be thawed (about 10 min.), then painted with olive oil (or another oil you can tolerate) and baked for a few minutes before being topped.

We top ours with some jarred organic marinara sauce or pesto, shredded mozzarella and monterey jack cheese (we use goat cheese because we tolerate it better than cow’s milk products), and sliced mushrooms. Slide it back into the oven for 8-10 minutes and voila! A delicious pizza made with ingredients my family can digest and enjoy!

Since one of my goals in life is to help my 8-year old heal from multiple food sensitivities, I’m always trying new ways to recreate his favorite foods with ingredients that are safe for him. This is what I do with my food sensitivity and nutritional consulting clients, too – help them design customized menus using foods that we know won’t cause them to have an inflammatory reaction. I don’t believe you have to feel deprived even if your digestion is less than perfect!

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