1. Jane C at |

    The corn-based pizza dough is terrific for those of you who can’t have either wheat or rice.

    For all of you suffering from food allergies, the blood test that Elizabeth is offering is fantastic. It has changed my life and my lifestyle. And it is easy enough to follow. I no longer experience stomach/intestinal problems. And best of all, the pains and aches from fibromyalgia have decreased dramatically! I highly recommend taking advantage of this food sensitivity test and hurray for Elizabeth for making this test available.

  2. Christie Goodman (was Christie Shannon) at |

    Thanks Liz, for this gluten-free stuff. I am doing a gluten-free, egg-free diet right now which seems to be making some difference in the Chronic Fatigue stuff I have always dealt with. Andy just pointed out that you have a bunch of Gluten free ideas on your website, so I will be spending some time here looking around!



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