1. Migraine Treatment at |

    asbestos is a lung killer but some countries are still using asbestos as a heat insulator -‘”

  2. Hannah Hempstead at |

    I, too, inhaled vermiculite. I was throwing away some BLUE PIG socks which are used to
    soak up water. I had put them on my window sills in preparation for a hurricane and excess water and the UV rays caused them to disintegrate so the vermiculite went everywhere.
    I cleaned out my hand vac and forgot to put the filter back in and when I went to vacuum up the pile of vermiculite it went everywhere including my lungs. I wrote to the company that makes the BLUE PIG SOCKS and they assured me it was not dangerous but 3 days later I find my self with a fever and pain in my lungs when I take a deep breath. Now I realize it IS flu season BUT it seems that it is quite a coincidence that my vermiculite incident was a few days ago.
    IF anyone has any more information, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Gabrielle Ross at |

    Asbestos would really crap your lungs if you inhale bits of it.`;`

  4. Makayla Gonzalez at |

    Asbestos is one hell of a health hazard that is why we have removed all asbestos based insulation in our homes.*-`


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