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Category: Gardening

A Banner Year for Mushrooms

Some friends of ours are mushroom foragers. Every fall they forage for mushrooms in secret spots in the Rocky Mountains and come home with baskets of beautiful mushrooms. This year Shelly and D have reported a bumper crop of Porcini mushrooms as a result of our wetter-than-usual summer weather, and their harvest was truly spectacular. […]

Growing Mushrooms in a Box

This summer we got The Mushroom Kit from Back to the Roots and had fun watching oyster mushrooms grow out of a box on our windowsill. The kids were all over it when I brought home the box from Whole Foods, and opened up the back to get started right away. Every day they sprayed […]

A Natural DEET-free Insect Repellent That Works

A jaunt up into the Rockies this weekend showed us that our recent rains have led to a booming crop of mosquitos. Oh, the air was thick with them, particularly as the day neared dusk. Luckily, we had a good insect repellent with us that worked amazingly well. Dr. Ben Kim’s Anti-Bug Spray Version 2.0 […]

8 Herbs for a Kitchen Garden

Not much compares to the culinary joy of picking fresh herbs to add to your kitchen creations. Wherever I land, there are a few staple herbs I like to grow in garden plots or pots every summer. Here’s my list of staple herbs to grow for culinary creativity. 1. Parsley. Parsley is great to grow […]

Why You Should Always Buy Organic Zucchini

Because most conventionally-grown zucchini and yellow squash are GMOs, genetically modified to be virus resistant. It’s safest to only buy organic zucchini.