Food Additives and ADD/ADHD

Think your kids are out of control? Check the labels on their food products. Likely as not, if your children are eating a lot of packaged, processed foods they’re ingesting a fair amount of toxins that could be affecting their central nervous system and general health.

A new study conducted by Southampton University in England warns that common food and drink additives could be contributing to behavorial problems such as tantrums, poor attention spans, hyperactivity and allergic reactions.

This research backs up a study from seven years ago by the same institution. Seven years ago. How long will it take before we stop poisoning our kids and ourselves?

Stick with whole foods and you can’t go wrong. Shop around the perimeter of the grocery store rather than in the center aisles. Instead of doping up ADD/ADHD kids with Ritalin, consider some simple dietary changes combined with more structure to their days and see what happens. It’s not the quick fix of drugs, but you’ll preserve their developing brains instead of shutting them down, possibly saving them from a lifetime of feeling uncomfortable in their own bodies.

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