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FAQ Category: Questions About Glorious One-Pot Meals

What are the measurements for dry goods when making a Glorious One-Pot Meals recipe in a 4.5-quart Dutch oven?

A 4.5-quart Dutch oven will perfectly feed 5 people, probably with a few leftovers. Since the recipes in the Glorious One-Pot Meals cookbook are based on feeding 2 people, simply multiply the amounts by 2.5 (in other words, double the recipe and then add another half amount). Here are some dry good measurements you can use with a 4.5-qt Dutch oven:

2 1/2 cups pasta with 1 cup liquid
2 1/2 cups rice with 2 1/2 cups + 3 Tbsp liquid
1 1/2 cups couscous with 1 1/2 cups liquid
2 1/4 cups quinoa with 2 1/2 cups liquid
1 1/2 cup polenta with 4 1/2 cup liquid
3/4 cup barley with 1 1/2 cup liquid

Are Glorious One-Pot Meals Diabetes-friendly?

The basic answer to your question is that one of the greatest things about Glorious One-Pot Meals is that they easily adapt to any dietary requirements!

The more specific answer to your questions is that you will want to tailor the recipe to include only diabetic-friendly foods. You may want to skip the potatoes in a recipe and substitute quinoa instead. Or, you may want to make brown rice instead of the arborio rice called for in the book. I teach you exactly how to do this so that each recipe you make contains the ingredients you want to eat.

Additionally, each recipe is based on offering a nutritionally sound and complete meal in and of itself. So you’ll see a variety of produce in each colorful plate, and it’s a very easy way to eat fish regularly as well. These not only are some of the healthy eating guidelines from the American Diabetes Association, but are just good eating habits for the general population anyway.

Can I make Glorious One-Pot Meals gluten-free?

Absolutely. One of the beauties of Glorious One-Pot Meals is the unlimited adaptability to any kind of dietary restrictions. Gluten is found in wheat and other grains, so simply omit the grain element from any recipe you choose to make. You can substitute potatoes or rice, if you like, or just have a starch-free meal. Be sure to omit the water indicated in the recipe as well, as it is solely necessary to hydrate the grain.

Does it matter if I use fresh or dried herbs?

Fresh and dried herbs can be freely substituted for each other in any Glorious Pot Meal. Personally, I love running out to the garden and snipping fresh herbs for a meal, but during the wintertime, dried spices are often more convenient. Both provide the flavors and aromas integral to a yummy Glorious Pot Meal. Check in the Common Measurements section of the cookbook for exact substitution quantities.