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Are Glorious One-Pot Meals Diabetes-friendly?

The basic answer to your question is that one of the greatest things about Glorious One-Pot Meals is that they easily adapt to any dietary requirements!

The more specific answer to your questions is that you will want to tailor the recipe to include only diabetic-friendly foods. You may want to skip the potatoes in a recipe and substitute quinoa instead. Or, you may want to make brown rice instead of the arborio rice called for in the book. I teach you exactly how to do this so that each recipe you make contains the ingredients you want to eat.

Additionally, each recipe is based on offering a nutritionally sound and complete meal in and of itself. So you’ll see a variety of produce in each colorful plate, and it’s a very easy way to eat fish regularly as well. These not only are some of the healthy eating guidelines from the American Diabetes Association, but are just good eating habits for the general population anyway.

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